Nguyen Trong Linh Dan

Student Experience Officer

At the age of 18, Dan left Vietnam to pursue a Bachelor’s program in Hospitality Management in Finland, a prosperous yet humble Nordic country from which narratives about Santa Claus originated. According to Dan, the academic years were not exceptionally memorable but her contemplation journey truly was. To indulge her overwhelming curiosity of the world, Dan enrolled in a placement program based on Menorca island – Spain, then went on roaming around Germany during an exchange semester in 2016, and eventually wrapped up her degree with a six-month internship in Hong Kong. The journey got her widely exposed to different souls and cultures, to the point when she finally heard the inner call deep down, directing her towards human services.

After graduation, Dan dedicated roughly three years to experience customer service in varied settings: boutique hotel, fusion restaurant, and language school. She found it uniquely rewarding when her recommendations and insights could help pave the way to customer success. Between the small talks with customers from all walks of life, she learned how to embrace from frugal to complex memoirs and turned them into enriching senses of her own.

Working at Fulbright, Dan looks forward to building, then orienting an efficient information delivery channel for students, and simultaneously elevating their university experience to no limit.