Nguyen Quoc Ky

Student Engagement Assistant

Ky holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, major in Counseling & Psychotherapy from the University of Social Sciences & Humanities, VNUHCM. Having learned about the Fulbright University Vietnam from his teacher – a Fulbright Program Alumni – and inspired by one of liberal arts’ core values, “learning how to learn,” the institution became his first choice of career right after graduation.

Being a psychology graduate, Ky deeply resonates with Viktor Frankl’s existential approach and Carl Rogers’ humanistic approach in psychotherapy, among many other great psychologists. These two lines of thought greatly influenced his outlook on life and helped shape his passion for working with humans as well as his willingness to go to great lengths to help people realize their full potential. He hopes that his interaction with the students of Fulbright, when infused with these values, will be enjoyable and beneficial.

Prior to graduating, though never held an (official) leadership role in any organization (for many reasons), Ky spent plenty of time around student clubs, non-profit projects, charity campaigns, and psychotherapy private practices. As such, he had the opportunity to acquire hands-on knowledge and skills through trials and errors. These experiences no doubt played a significant role in helping him gain a position at Fulbright.

Ky enjoys the process of getting to know and connecting with people, and so doesn’t really consider it “work” to be listening to others. He is also somewhat of a history enthusiast, mostly on WW2 and Vietnam. Sometimes he watches whole movies with 5-minute clips on Youtube.