• Administration

Nguyen Cam Van

Director of Finance

Van believes that life is better under the sea. As a passionate scuba diver, she is never happier than when she leaves the terrestrial world behind her, taking all possible opportunities to wander and satisfy her love of adventures and exploration.

After pursuing college in the southern United States, she moved to South Africa to volunteer in a training project for high school science teachers. She also taught basic computer literacy to provide practical knowledge to disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape region. There she was able to clearly see the value of knowledge: a certificate from a simple computer classroom could make all the difference when applying for a job. The transformative power of education has remained on her mind ever since.

After working in the financial and actuarial consulting industry in the States and Singapore, Van is delighted to be back to her motherland Vietnam and work at Fulbright University Vietnam, so she can help future generations benefit from the same life-changing educational opportunities that she had.

Van works with Fulbright’s senior leadership team to build up the university’s financial systems – but her secret ambition is to help establish Fulbright’s diving club.

Van holds a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science at the Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics at the Wake Forest University with honors.