• Administration

Nam Tran

Chief of Staff

Nam Tran joins Fulbright from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He is seconded to Fulbright for one year to assist Fulbright University Vietnam in the stage of development.  Nam has been with BCG for 5 years  where he was one of the first members of the Ho Chi Minh City office.

Nam worked across South East Asia and Middle East in multiple industries, including Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, Telecom, Energy and Public sectors in both strategy and operation.

His passion for social impact works also led him to work in various topics, such as education, youth and female employment, innovation, sustainability, tourism, and economic development for disadvantaged regions, etc.

Nam graduated from University of Texas at Austin with dual degrees in Mathematics and Civil & Environmental Engineering under Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training scholarship.

In his capacity at Fulbright, Nam will provide high level support to the President and Board of Trustees.  Reporting to the President, Nam will work across the board of operational and administrative issues, including working with the Board of Trustees to ensure a smooth and expedite execution of matters raised by the Board.

As a member working in the advisory team from BCG to build the Strategic Plan for Fulbright nearly 3 years ago, Nam is well positioned to help us in the execution of such plan as well as other initiatives that we are working on.

Nam likes travelling, working in multi-cultural environment, and enjoying a good board game.