• Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Huong Tran

Program Lead

Huong Tran is fascinated by the untapped potential that every single person uniquely owns. Helping people to unlock and maximize their potential has been her passion since she was a student at Foreign Trade University Hanoi.

This passion motivates her to step out of the comfort zone, move across the country to join SEO-Vietnam program and start her professional journey with Human Resources and Talent Development. During her four years working for McDonald’s Vietnam then GroupM Vietnam, she focused on Talent Acquisition, matching thousands of talents to the right positions across levels.

Huong is the founder of “Podcast 25 phút” – an insightful career podcast series for young people. As a 70-hours training (ACSTH) certified coach by International Coaching Federation (ICF), Huong also runs The Leap25 – a life coaching service with the mission to support Vietnamese young people thriving for their best versions and succeed in life.

Outside of work, Huong enjoys playing music instruments, outdoor activities and having great conversations.