October 5, 2022

Open House: Being a Fulbright student for a day

October 5, 2022

The annual Open House is an occasion when Fulbright ‘opens door’ to welcome interested highschool students and parents. Open House 2022 that happened on October 2 has truly incited those young high schoolers with many aha moments.    

The event welcomed nearly 300 highschool students and parents across Vietnam with a series of activities. The visitors toured the campus, checked out multimedia and maker space areas, libraries and other rooms for individual study and group work. They had a chance to learn and try out Fulbright students’ creative projects,  find out more about the admissions process and especially put themselves in the shoes of Fulbright students vis-a-vis demo classes. Participating 6 demo classes featuring 6 majors of Art and Media Studies, Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering, History, Economics, and Computer Science, the highschoolers had unprecedented experiences:

👀 The demo lectures opened up a new wealth of knowledge for students, such as mathematics from the perspective of “logic” instead of formulas, or worldviews over time under the lens of arts. 

👋 Class discussions helped students truly identify and interact with their potential “classmates”.

🔧 They actually can “take home” their products after the Engineering class at Maker Space.

And most importantly, those multidisciplinary classes have ignited students’ passion for academics and their curiosity about the world. 

That might be the most natural way they can be exposed to liberal arts education. 

In addition to the Open House event at the Crescent campus, Fulbright will continue to hold information and discussion sessions in Hanoi and Hue in the next few weeks. 

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