June 21, 2019

Keep your plan but open your mind to unexpected things

June 21, 2019

“Don’t let uncertainty scares you. It may be your blessing. Just be open and embrace all the unusual twists and turns and I’m sure you will find your calling one day” – President Dam Bich Thuy noted in her keynote Commencement Address at Carthage College.

In late May 2019, Fulbright University’s President Dam Bich Thuy was invited to deliver a keynote speech at Carthage College’s Commencement Ceremony. While Carthage President Swallow encouraged her to share some personal advice about her unusual career as a banker and then a university president, Thuy said she would like students to take her sharing today as some questions to ponder sometime.

Speaking to hundreds of graduates at Carthage College (a liberal art college in Wisconsin), President of Fulbright University urged students to keep their plan but open their mind about unexpected things that may happen.

“Be prepared and ready for things outside your comfort zone and sometimes could be seen as career risks”, Thuy said.

She also noted a lesson she learnt throughout her 35-year long career that success cannot substitute values.  “When you are not sure if the risk is too big to take, or an unexpected opportunity seem too strange for you to access, you can go back to your core values. There’s something that you treasure and that will help you to make a right decision”.

Watch President Thuy’s full Commencement Address in this video:

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