Incoming Fulbright student awarded Liberico Scholarship in Admissions Class of 2023-2027


Vi Thị Thu Hà, a student at Đông Du Middle & High School in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, received a scholarship worth VND 285 million in recognition of her outstanding academic and research achievements that have had a positive impact on her community.

Thu Hà, in her application to Fulbright University Vietnam, shared with the Admissions Committee that the most meaningful activity she has ever undertaken was organizing free English classes for children of the Nung ethnic minority in Dak Lak province with her classmates. “The class is free because I want to use my own capacity, with all my enthusiasm and energy in hand, to bring the best to the community,” said Thu Hà. “I believe that personal development is not just achieving my own happiness, but also spreading positivity to those around me. I can only live a meaningful life by giving to others.”

After four years of implementing the project, the children in Thu Hà’s English class have conquered their fear of the language and achieved remarkable results. Some of them even performed well in the Internet Olympiads of English – IOE, which was organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and VTC Online Communication Joint Stock Company.

Thu Hà has achieved more than just good academic results. Along with some of her schoolmates, she participated in the National Science and Technology Competition for high school students in 2021-2022, where their project “Semi-automatic passion fruit juice suction machine” won the First Prize. As the national winner, Thu Hà and her team represented Vietnam in the International Science and Technology Competition. According to the Ministry of Education and Training, this is the 10th year the contest has been held, aiming to “motivate students to delve into science and technology research and utilize their knowledge to address real-world issues. […] It also aims at equipping students with the necessary skills and aptitudes for scientific inquiry, career readiness, and entrepreneurial potential after they graduate from high school.”

Thu Hà stated that the project is her special gift to the farmers in Ea Kar district, her hometown. The existing methods of extracting passion fruit juice have the drawback of giving it a sour taste mixed with residues from the peel and pulp. This prompted Thu Ha and her team to seek a solution that will assist farmers in increasing productivity while also guaranteeing the finest quality for agricultural produce.

“Our research and experiments completely took place during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Thu Hà said. “We encountered numerous challenges during online learning and even fell ill at times, but my friends and I remained resolute and explored various ways to adapt to the circumstances”. As Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it””

Thu Hà was entrusted with the programming task of the “semi-automatic passion fruit suction machine,” thanks to her experience in participating in the school’s STEM club. Despite the project’s complexity, which required specific knowledge beyond high school level, Thu Hà demonstrated her creative skills and a keen desire for learning. She patiently delved into related literature and consulted scientific videos on YouTube and online forums to tackle challenges such as optimizing the machine’s operating principle and identifying the most productive methods.

“This project has become an important part of me, a stepping stone in my journey to pursue my passion for science, and at the same time, it also represents my desire and commitment to lifelong learning and self-development,” asserted Thu Hà. 

“I was born and raised in the countryside, and after school, I would often help my parents with farming in the field. In my hometown, many of my classmates who are ethnic minorities don’t have the opportunity to continue their education beyond grade 9. Instead, they often get married early and become unskilled workers to support their families. However, I was fortunate enough to have parents who taught me from a young age that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. With their encouragement and support, I pursued my studies with all my passion and a clear understanding that I, too, could inspire others to value education and create positive change in our community. As we only live once, I believe in experiencing more, dedicating ourselves to lifelong learning, and unleashing our full potential to contribute the best we can to society.”

Fulbright Student Class of 2023-2027 receives Liberico Scholarship

In November 2022, Fulbright University Vietnam announced a Liberico scholarship for a student in Class 2023-2027. The scholarship is worth 285 million VND and is awarded to a student with outstanding academic performance and a strong dedication to serving society. Students with financial difficulties receive priority consideration for the scholarship.

The Liberico scholarship was established thanks to the generosity and commiment of the Liberico Joint Stock Company as a way to recognize and encourage students who strive to achieve higher academic achievements and make significant contributions to society. Liberico is known as a leading company that imports and distributes goods from Russia to Vietnam. Liberico aims “for a convenient life” for their customers, which brings them dual benefits by providing access to renowned global brands and offering a wide range of affordable domestic products.

“When I received the email from Fulbright University Vietnam, I was extremely happy to learn that I had passed the Early Admission. However, I became anxious because I knew that my family would not be able to afford the tuition fees for four years at the university,” Thu Hà recalled. “While the acceptance letter to Fulbright opened the door to my future, I knew that that door would be too narrow if I didn’t receive a scholarship or financial aid from the university. When I clicked on the link to the school’s homepage, I was thrilled, and my joy doubled when I found out that I had received the Liberico scholarship.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for the Liberico scholarship, as it alleviates financial pressure and allows me to fully focus on my studies, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work at Fulbright University Vietnam. I feel honored to be selected for this scholarship and would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Liberico for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. This scholarship has provided me with a great source of motivation to continue my academic journey and give back to my community and country.”

Liberico’s representative stated, “We were impressed by Ms. Thu Hà’s determination to overcome difficult circumstances and social prejudices towards female students pursuing higher education. She has demonstrated exceptional academic and scientific achievements which inspire her local community. Liberico Joint Stock Company hopes that Ms. Thu Hà will continue with this enthusiasm and utilize her knowledge and skills to benefit the community and our country. Along with awarding her the scholarship, the Company also looks forward to collaborating with her on future projects related to her field of interest and expertise.”

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