December 27, 2018

Fulbright’s first Christmas season ever

December 27, 2018

Fulbright is like a cozy home full of ‘‘kids’’ eagerly counting down to the first Christmas!

The librarian and the receptionists were undoubtedly the first ones to warm up the Christmas atmosphere around the Fulbright campus. At the beginning of December, they shaped a funny Olaf snowman from books on the reception desk, sticked cute Santa stickers on every bookshelf, hung colorful paper snowflakes and, of course, laid a glittering big pine tree near the library area.

‘‘Architects’’ from student-led Architect club followed up the Christmas enthusiasm with pinning the wool socks or tiny bells on the doors of classrooms. And the Tiny Campus Concert (co-organized by Event Hub club and Student Support staffs) truly spiced up the Christmas atmosphere as its sweet melodies of Noel songs made every Fulbrighter’s heart beat as one.

At Fulbright, adults seemingly had the biggest celebration of Christmas. A gift exchange day and several parties were held exclusively for Fulbright faculty and staff!

Luckily, our students were allowed to observe their gift-exchange games and excitedly witness the faculty’s thrilled facial expression while looking for their presents, the lovely freestyle dance of the security guard  and the ‘‘nerve-racking’’ battle among ‘‘homies’’ in the Musical Chairs game. I

an proved himself a gentleman in every situation when he invited Tascha to sit on his chair in this ‘‘war’’ of ‘‘fighting for’’ chairs. And guess who cosplayed a Santa giving reindeer-shaped lollipop? Mr. Kiem – our technical staff!

Similarly, as the Christmas enthusiasts, Co-Designers’ spirit was like ‘‘Bring it on!’’ to all of the crazily fun challenges and activities during Christmas Challenge Week from the Event Hub club.

With the challenge of cosplaying other Fulbrighters or wearing twin clothes, everyone seemed hilariously ‘‘weird’’. For example, some girls had to ‘‘swim’’ in the boys’ super large shirt or one boy wearing a girl’s cat-printed headband looked so amusing.

Besides, we also set up a ‘‘movie theater’’ right in the classroom and enjoyed both the iconic Christmas movie and popcorn.

The most remarkable activity must be Secret Santa which was bursting with laughter and unexpected surprise! Guess who mistakenly received a frying pan instead of a tree?

Fulbright’s first Christmas has ended but its magic may never fade. Because the Fulbright family has received the best Christmas gift: LOVE.

Pham Nguyen Đan Tam  Co-De-sign Year Student  

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