November 5, 2022

Fulbright University Vietnam announces two new scholarship programs for Class of 2027

November 5, 2022

In line with our commitment to promote equality of educational opportunity, Fulbright is honored to announce the two scholarship programs to enable and support Vietnamese young talents to pursue quality education at Fulbright.

We are excited to announce this great news to the Class of 2027 candidates!  Now you can apply for the two new scholarship programs together with your applications for admissions. You may find more information about the application process in an official email sent by Fulbright University Vietnam right after your admissions application submission. Check out your eligibility and the requirements of each program in the following sections! 

Liberico Scholarship 

Liberico is known as an accredited company that imports and distributes goods from the Russian market to Vietnam in their pursuit of “for a convenient life” vision. Along with their social responsibility and aspiration towards building future generations of change-makers, Liberico awards one (01) scholarship worth up to 285,000,000 VND to a Class of 2027 student. Applicants are supposed to demonstrate exceptional academic excellence, and important engagement in impactful community activities. Students with financial disadvantages will be prioritized. The award will be added to the recipient’s financial aid package, up to an accumulated total equivalent to 100%  tuition fee in the first academic year. 

Liberico looks to inspire other corporations to make contributions to Vietnam’s education. “Towards sustainability, companies should invest in human development, especially in this 4.0 era when equipping your people with new knowledge and techniques becomes more and more necessary. In addition to internal training programs, it’s crucial for companies to invest in the future workforce through contribution to higher education. Our collective efforts can help Vietnam’s education rise to new heights,” said Ms. Nguyễn Lan Thanh, Chief Operating Officer of Liberico. 

Bright Futures Scholarship

Starting from the Admissions Cycles of the Class of 2027, Bright Futures Scholarship program has supported incoming students whose families were or have been severely affected by the wars in Vietnam or elsewhere to study at Fulbright. Together with information about your family backgrounds, applicants should demonstrate academic excellence or commitment to community service. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded with a housing fee waived for four years, and a stipend of 30,000,000 VND each academic year, for four years at Fulbright. 

In order to continuously receive the scholarship in the following years, Fulbright Bright Futures recipients must maintain a minimum academic standard and submit the annual report demonstrating your academic achievements or community involvement together with reflections on your personal developments. 


The applications for admissions, financial aid and scholarships will be reviewed simultaneously and the results will be sent to applicants all at once. 

👉 Class of 2027 applicants can read more about Liberico Scholarship, Bright Futures Scholarship and other scholarships at:

👉 The admissions application and scholarship applications for the Class of 2027 can be created at:

⏰ The deadline of admissions application is 14:00 on Monday, November 28, 2022 (for Fall Cycle admissions)  and is 14:00 on Monday, April 10, 2023 (for Spring Cycle admissions)

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