June 2, 2023

Fulbright Fun Run 2023, where the spirit of community and friendship truly shined

June 2, 2023

On May 13th, the Fulbright Fun Run 2023 event was a resounding success with the enthusiastic participation and support of over 1000 “runners”. This was also the largest gathering to date of the student, faculty, and staff community of Fulbright as well as distinguished guests, friends and partners of the university on our journey of building and providing a world-class liberal arts education to the next generation of Vietnam.

Following the morning run was a series of exciting activities initiated and organized by Fulbright students as part of the Giving Week program. This is a beautiful tradition of the university, an opportunity for the Fulbright community to bond and express gratitude to all organizations and individuals who have believed in and contributed to our vision and mission throughout the years.

Prominent among them was the Impact Showcase featuring 17 outstanding projects in the fields of culture, science, community, and entrepreneurship that Fulbright faculty and students had accomplished this year. Hundreds of people attended the exhibition and got to know from Fulbrighters about the results and positive impact they had created on Vietnam’s communities and society. They include a project to build an app to protect endangered turtles and thereby protect the marine ecosystem in Vietnam; or the fish-shaped robot employed in climate change research; or two board game projects See-Saw and Em-In, which were already well-known in the local startup community with the goal of improving mental health and conveying emotional intelligence knowledge to children and adolescents in Vietnam.

17 projects, 17 different perspectives on society, all aimed at applying the talents of individuals and groups of Fulbright to address the problems and challenges facing Vietnam’s society. Perhaps that is why, in just four hours of the exhibition, millions of VND were donated by individuals participating in the exhibition with the hope that the projects will continue to be implemented and multiplied not only within but outside the Fulbright community.

Also present at Fulbright Fun Run were performances from members of the Fulbright Music Club, booths and activities from student clubs currently active in a wide range of interests, including STEM, Arts, Sports, Community Improvement, and Development Organizations, etc.

Throughout the event, Fulbright received generous support not only from the school community but also from philanthropists and partners who share our vision and mission of reimagining the future of higher education in Vietnam. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s collective efforts and contributions for Fulbright’s Student Development Fund and the Campus Building Fund.

Fulbright University Vietnam would also like to express our gratitude to the Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors for this event:

💎 Diamond sponsors: Phu My Hung Group, DatVietVAC Group Holdings, CarePlus International Clinic Vietnam

☀️ Gold sponsor: Men’s clothing brand Coolmate

⭐️ Silver sponsor: KMS Technology Vietnam, Nestlé Vietnam, Wall’s Vietnam, Lumiere 9 Plus – Natural Drinking Water

✨ Bronze sponsor: Dat Bike Electric Motorcycle, Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon

We couldn’t feel more proud, and honored, to have received generous donations from the much-treasured attendees of the event. Such riches of support also reminds us of the commitment that the university must uphold for the country’s young people, and for the future of Vietnam’s higher education. For clearly, we are trusted with the mission and vision of providing a world-class liberal arts education in Vietnam, where students are fully equipped and inspired to go after local and global challenges with bold, ethical answer. Your friendship invariably means that our students are ever empowered with an abundance of opportunities to actualize their dreams and potential, to work towards a better and kinder society, and to impact positive change that can serve our community in Vietnam and beyond.

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