October 28, 2019

Fulbright Co-Op Program

October 28, 2019

The Fulbright Co-Op Program is seeking young “colleagues” (grade 11 and 12 students) who are currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City. Within one to two weeks, the Co-Ops will have the opportunity to experience a professional working environment in one of Fulbright departments (Office of President, Communications, Admissions, Student Life, Human Resources, Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation).  

Each department will provide a different working time frame and project. Some examples of the various Co-Op projects are: 

  • President’s Office: Prepare logistics for a “VIP” event, guest-speaker to be disclosed. 
  • Communications: Participate in building content for Fulbright social media platforms. 
  • Student Life: Organize a mini-sports tournament for high schools and universities within Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • Admissions: Plan an outreach program that brings Fulbright closer to your community. 
  • Human Resources: Acquire new skills regarding human resources management. 
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Learn about market research methods and what the entrepreneurship and innovation in Vietnam looks like today. 

*Please note: There is no Co-Op position at any department that requires a full-time, on-campus commitment from students. Students have the opportunity to work from home and come to work at least 1 to at most 5 days a week (depending on the students’ schedule and requirements for the department). Students may also be required to go to campus for 1 full day on a weekend in order to partake in skills-training workshops led by Fulbright specialists.  

Benefits of Fulbright Co-Ops: 

  • Understanding how different departments operate and what skills are necessary to take on new and challenging roles 
  • Priority participation in future Fulbright programs, through which the students can acquire communication, leadership and project management skills, as well as experience the Fulbright spirit 
  • Exclusive participation in skills-training workshop led by Fulbright specialists 
  • Exclusive access to Fulbright merchandise (only available to Fulbright community) 

To become a Fulbright Co-Op, you should: 

  • Understand or want to learn more about liberal arts education philosophy 
  • Be available during the program’s proposed time frame (09 December to end of December 2019) 
  • Be proactive and responsible towards your co-op project 

Fulbright is receiving application for this program HERE. 

Application Timeline:                         

  • Application round: 28/10/2019 17/11/2019 
  • Individual phone interview round (expected): 19-22/11/2019 
  • Final results: 28/11/2019 
  • Start of program and official training: 09/12/2019 
  • Expected end of program: 20/12/2019 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at apply@fulbright.edu.vn or (028) 7303 7788. 

*Please note: This program is independent of the Fulbright Undergraduate admissions application and does not provide any preferential treatment of an admissions application. If Co-Ops apply to Fulbright’s Class of 2024, they will be viewed equally like all other application. 

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