April 15, 2020

Public Talk: What happens after we beat back the first wave? COVID-19 & our future world

April 15, 2020, 20:00 – 20:45
Speaker: Yonatan Grad, Melvin J. and Geraldine L. Glimcher Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard Chan School of Public Health
Time: Wednesday, April 15, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM
In this talk, Harvard epidemiologist, Yonatan Grad will talk about the future spread of Covid-19 around the world and one strategy governments could use to beat it back. In particular, he’ll discuss his research surrounding “on-again off-again” social distancing measures – and how they may become the norm around the world.
Yonatan Grad is a researcher at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Melvin J. and Geraldine L. Glimcher Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases. He has recently come out with prominent epidemiological models which predict the growth of COVID-19 around the world and in the United States. In particular, his recent research has shown that “on again off again” policies, in which shutdowns happen whenever a flare-up in the virus occurs, may become common around the world.
In particular, Yonatan Grad’s research looks at how to prevent “hospital overload,” as we are seeing in many places, including Italy. In parallel, he looks at other approaches that governments can take to prevent undue death during the virus. These include the effects of increasing the number of hospital beds and other necessary supplies for the fight against COIVD-19.
This talk will involve a public speech by Yonatan Grad where he describes his research involving COVID-19. After the fact, there will be a public Q&A where interested individuals can ask questions about his work and the future of public health in the world.
Information on the talk series
This talk is part of an ongoing series entitled “Covid-19: What does the future hold?” In this talk series, public experts around the world will examine the impact of Covid-19 on areas ranging from our public health systems, economy, public policy, leadership, and business.
Future talks include “The future of the Economy” by Karen Dynan, the former Chief Economist of the U.S. Treasury and a Harvard Professor, “What leaders should do in crisis” by Chris Matthews, a political commentator and former host of MSNBC Hardball, and “What we can learn from Wuhan” by Xihong Lin, a Harvard Professor of Biostatistics and an elected member of the Academy of Medicine.