September 12, 2018

Dr. Kinho Chan and Dr. Samhitha Raj join Fulbright University Vietnam’s Founding Faculty 

September 12, 2018

Dr. Samhitha Raj has joined Fulbright University Vietnam’s Founding Faculty. 

Samhitha received her Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan.  

Her dissertation work investigated how the thyroid hormone affects specific epigenetic changes, and how the significance of these modifications with respect to gene regulation has contributed to the field by identifying a novel and central role for thyroid hormone in regulating DNA demethylation during vertebrate brain development. 

Samhitha is a strong advocate for scientific outreach and education. 

While earning a Graduate Student Teaching Certification from Michigan, she served as a member of several educational outreach programs, which aimed to generate interest in research among underrepresented students within the biological sciences. She is excited about developing effective strategies for successful pedagogy, outreach, and promotion of diversity in the sciences. 

She has continued her scientific outreach through teaching and mentoring in programs across the world and is thrilled to bring this experience to Fulbright as an educator and mentor. 

Dr. KinHo Chan came to Fulbright University Vietnam after teaching Biological Psychology at Hartwick College for 16 years. After completing secondary school in Hong Kong, he went to the U.S. and studied psychology at Houghton College and then neuroscience at Purdue University. KinHo’s research focuses on the neuro-environmental influences on social and cognitive performance.   

He has published research in scientific journals and conference proceedings with more than two dozen students. Over the course of his teaching career, KinHo has worked with colleagues to develop new courses designed specifically to address transitions and propose and implement new initiatives to better integrate curricular and co-curricular efforts that advance institutional mission.

“I find it to be a pleasant coincidence to come across an institution with a mission that matches my personal values and a set of challenges that matches my professional experiences and enthusiasms. My personal and professional goals have become very much intertwined.  

I have come to conclusion through both personal experiences and scholarship in neuroscience that human beings truly thrive when we exist in cohesive communities that prioritize collaboration and collective success.  

I am very excited about the prospect of helping to facilitate this kind of collaborative efforts across different institutional units at a new university working to capitalize on a diverse pool of passions and skills.” 

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