June 24, 2020

Dartmouth College and Fulbright University Vietnam sign cooperation agreement

June 24, 2020

Fulbright University Vietnam (Fulbright) and Dartmouth College (Dartmouth), USA, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding, as part of a long-term effort to strengthen cooperative relationships between both institutions over a period of 5 academic years. The MoU was signed by Ms. Dam Bich Thuy, President of Fulbright University Vietnam, and Professor Dennis Washburn, Associate Dean of the Faculty for International Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs, Dartmouth College.

This MOU represents a major success in Fulbright University Vietnam’s efforts to solidify its place as a globally relevant educational institution through international partnerships with sister organizations, a major opportunity for Vietnamese students to connect with their American counterparts, and a chance to break new ground with collaborative learning in a digital era. This is made especially relevant by the heavy travel restrictions currently curtailing transnational cooperation in every sector, including education and academia.

“COVID-19 has clearly shown, for better and worse, that our world is connected like never before. We are in this together, and we must solve this together. In a time of uncertainties, I am proud to see Fulbright University Vietnam embrace this vision for international collaboration, further enriching the academic dialogue between our countries, as well as educational opportunities for our students.” Dam Bich Thuy

Under this MoU, Fulbright and Dartmouth will explore opportunities to cooperate in 5 areas:

  • Exchange of students
  • Exchange of faculty members
  • Joint research projects
  • Joint educational or cultural programs
  • Joint conferences

The two institutions will leverage each other’s strengths to deliver innovative teaching, learning, and research that meets the highest international standards. Consistent with their shared belief in the value of higher education to society, Fulbright and Dartmouth will use this partnership to support and enrich their respective communities, via joint research and collaborative events that address the common issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our world today.

This partnership expands an existing collaboration between the two institutions to provide “Connected Courses in Vietnamese Studies,” starting in the fall term of 2020. Students enrolled in the course at both universities will approach Vietnamese studies as a parallel, collaborative learning experience, interacting with each other in small team formats through video conferencing and other forms of electronic communications.

“Dartmouth College is delighted and honored to partner with Fulbright University in establishing our first academic exchange program in Vietnam.  Dartmouth fully shares Fulbright’s commitment to co-learning and thoughtful innovation in undergraduate liberal arts education.  For our faculty and students, this program offers exciting new ways to connect with their peers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and to forge new teaching and research collaborations—both in Ho Chi Minh City, and at Dartmouth’s campus in New Hampshire.”   Edward Miller, Associate Professor of History at Dartmouth

About Dartmouth College:

Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League and consistently ranks among the world’s greatest academic institutions. Dartmouth has forged a singular identity for combining its deep commitment to outstanding undergraduate liberal arts and graduate education with distinguished research and scholarship in the Arts and Sciences and its four leading graduate schools — the Geisel School of Medicine, the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Thayer School of Engineering, and the Tuck School of Business. More at https://home.dartmouth.edu/

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