How can Google maps find the fastest path for a trip between two locations? How can an admission system match applicants to the best-suited university based on their preference and exam results? The answers to these questions arise from the study of Discrete Mathematics, which is a branch of Mathematics that deals with entities like integers, sets, graphs with distinct and separate values. The properties of discrete objects and structures play an essential role in many fields such as Theoretical Computer Science, Probability, Statistics, and Cryptography. This course will provide basic knowledge of Combinatorics and Graph theory along with various methods of mathematical reasoning. Students will practice producing and writing formal rigorous proofs. Major topics in this course include set theory, Combinatorial counting methods, Graph theory (Eulerian walk, Hamiltonian cycle, Spanning Tree, Planar graph, etc.).

offering time

Spring 23


Applied Mathematics


Tran Vinh Linh


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