Applied Digital Humanities in Vietnam Studies Contexts is specifically designed for and offered to Fulbright students who successfully completed the first part of this course taught during the Fall Semester 2022. By nature, what to be offered during the upcoming semester is an applied course, in which students will have the chance to conduct their team research project previously approved by the Teaching Team. This second part of our year-long course will be offered in a seminar format. Based on the research topics already decided, the course will be specifically designed to equip its students with particular knowledge, methods, and tools needed to carry out their projects in depth and successfully. Students will go through all stages of a research project, reporting the outcomes of each of the stages to the class and receive feedback from their classmates. Experts in the DH field from Vietnam National University Hanoi and VinUni with their expertise fitting the students projects will be invited to work closely with the student teams, providing the students with hands-on experience/learning and guiding them through every step of the research procedure. Since students of this course have their academic strength in either social science/humanities or computer science (CS), the course will first and foremost introduce extant digital tools to its students and show them how employ the tools most effectively. Additionally, CS students with some knowledge of encoding or visual computing can develop some new tools to meet specific demands of their research project. Students products coming out from their year-end final research project should be both academically and socially meaningful. As the dissemination of their research results must be carefully schemed to serve both academic community and the public in the spirit of DH, student research projects are not only academic by nature, but also community-oriented works located within the framework of Vietnam Studies.

offering time

Spring 23


Vietnam Studies


Nguyen Nam



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