November 17, 2023

Alumnus Phan Cảnh Minh Phước collaborates with lecturer to establish “Product Development” course

November 17, 2023

Phan Canh Minh Phuoc is a graduate from the Co-design Cohort in June 2023. During his time at Fulbright, Phuoc achieved much, gained valuable experiences, and made significant contributions. He has helped establishing “Product Development” at Fulbright. Today, we’ve asked Phuoc to share more about his journey.


Phan Canh Minh Phuoc is a graduate from the Co-design Cohort in June 2023.

Fulbright has opened new doors for Phuoc

Securing a job at one of the top three management consulting firms in the world is extremely competitive, especially for college students. Despite the odds, Phuoc outshone numerous candidates during the interview process and secured a position in BCG’s dynamic team with his highly regarded strategic solutions.

Furthermore, an internship at ZaloPay, facilitated by the strategic partnership between Fulbright and VNG Corporation, proved to be a game-changer for Phuoc. This opportunity allowed him to work directly with senior managers.

Just over a year into his career, he became the youngest Product Development team leader at the corporation!


Phuoc is the youngest Product Development team leader at ZaloPay.

Together with Dr. Le Quan, Phuoc developed first “Product Development” course at Fulbright

After two years in the Product Development team at ZaloPay, Phuoc had the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Le Quan, an Engineering lecturer, to create Fulbright’s inaugural “Product Development” course.

Phuoc views this course as a testament to the school’s commitment to developing an educational program that keeps pace with societal advancements. Despite being relatively new in Vietnam’s tech field, the Product Development department is gaining popularity. Major domestic tech companies have been actively recruiting for this role in recent years. Fulbright has wisely responded to this trend by including this course in its annual curriculum.

During the design process and class activities, Phuoc recognized the benefits of Fulbright’s liberal arts education. To fully develop a feature, students need to cultivate a variety of skills from different fields:

👉 Psychology for understanding user psychology.

👉 Economics/Business for analyzing the feature’s benefits to the owning business.

👉 Visual for designing the feature’s interface.

👉 Human-centered engineering for assessing the feature’s feasibility.

In their first year at Fulbright, students gain these skillsets through core courses. As a result, in a short period, they were able to produce impressive products that received high ratings from large tech companies for their end-of-term projects.


Phuoc had the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Le Quan, an Engineering lecturer, to create Fulbright’s inaugural “Product Development” course.

Phuoc’s messages to current and future Fulbright students

Phuoc’s five-year journey was marked by proactiveness, resilience, and a strong sense of community. He embraced a variety of extracurricular activities, from interning at companies to initiating community projects. These experiences not only honed his skills but also allowed him to assist his peers in their post-graduation job search.

Phuoc welcomed challenges with a positive attitude and unwavering perseverance. He learned the most when he pushed his boundaries and held the philosophy, “If one is struggling, one is learning”. This mindset was pivotal in overcoming the various challenges he faced during his university years.

Recognizing the importance of seeking help, Phuoc appreciated the supportive environment at Fulbright. He praised the initiatives introduced by various departments like the Venture Fellowship Program, the tutoring program, and the mental health care program. He found the faculty always ready to engage with students beyond academics. This proactive and supportive environment ensured he never felt alone during his time at Fulbright.

Join us at Fulbright, where our students are not just learners but also contributors to the community. Like Phuoc, you too can make the most of your academic journey within a vibrant and nurturing environment.

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