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Awaken Your Passion for Technology with Computer Science

The twenty-first century saw an explosion of technology, with Intelligent Applications (I-Apps) like artificial intelligence, robots, and big data permeating every aspect of life. Computer science serves as the foundation for these developments. What is computer science? Let’s find out with Fulbright in the article below. Article Table of Contents Overview of Computer Science Differences […]

Liberal Arts Education: A Path to Well-Roundedness and Lifelong Learning

Did you know a diverse curriculum brings more potential advantages for your career development? Richard A. Detweile’s research indicates that 31-72% of students who engage in coursework outside their primary field of study may progress to management roles. So, what exactly is liberal education? Let’s delve into this topic with Fulbright in the article below. […]

What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Computer Science?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the US Department of Labor in 2021, computer and information technology (IT) job opportunities are forecasted to increase by 11% from 2019 to 2029, significantly faster than the average for other occupations. A bachelor’s in computer science opens many career opportunities as an entrepreneur, researcher, technology […]

Applied Economics and Management: Everything you did not know you needed

Have you ever wondered how to make vital decisions when doing business? Have you ever been amazed by how a business allocates resources, predicts market trends, and keeps every factor running seamlessly? If you answer yes to these questions, the Applied Economics and Management major is a good fit for you. Let’s dive deeper into […]

How to Win a Full Scholarship to Your Dream University

A full scholarship is an opportunity that provides comprehensive financial support to individuals from different countries to pursue their education domestically and abroad. This scholarship covers various aspects, including tuition fees, accommodations, textbooks, and sometimes additional living expenses. Sometimes, a scholarship comes in a one-time check. Other renewable scholarships provide students with money each semester […]

Together with Fulbrighters: Exploring EY-Parthenon Office Tour

Recently, over 40 Fulbright students from various majors: Psychology, Art and Media Studies, Literature, Economics, and more have visited the EY-Parthenon office, the Global Strategy Consulting branch of the multinational auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY). This visit was organized by the Career Services Office of Fulbright University Vietnam. The students were excited to learn […]

Fulbright University Vietnam Hosts Roundtable Discussion with Assistant Secretary Ramin Toloui on Economic and Semiconductor Development

Fulbright University Vietnam was honored to welcome Assistant Secretary Ramin Toloui from the U.S. Department of State for a focused roundtable discussion on Vietnam’s economic landscape and the burgeoning semiconductor industry. The one-hour dialogue brought together leading experts from both the United States and Fulbright University. Assistant Secretary Toloui, who oversees the Bureau of Economic […]

What does Quynh Trang, winner of the National excellent student Award, have in her Admission application to Fulbright?

Mai Quynh Trang – a student of Class of 2027 at Fulbright, was a member of the English team from Lao Cai high school for gifted to join the National Excellent Student Contest. Securing first place, it appeared that Trang had a guaranteed opportunity to enter top public universities directly. However, Trang chose to pursue […]

Alumna Diem Quynh: From changing majors three times to outstanding success

Nguyen Trinh Diem Quynh was one of the 72 first graduates of Fulbright University Vietnam last June. After changing majors thrice and having varied internship experiences, Quynh embarked on the illuminating quest for self-exploration during her undergraduate years. Her ceaseless efforts won her a ticket to Momo as a Product Associate and, right after graduation, […]

FULBRIGHT Leadership Camp 2024: How can we promote a “healthier” Fulbright?

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Mui Ne, Fulbright Leadership Camp 2024 (FLC24), empowered by Student Engagement, was organized from March 22 to March 24. Fifty highly motivated, intellectually curious campers, who are outstanding individuals of the Fulbright community, gathered for this event. The challenge prompt for them was “How can we promote a healthier […]

Returning to Fulbright after a gap year experience as a farmer

Han Thinh, a student of the Class of 2027 at Fulbright, was born and raised in a farming family in Kien Giang. His childhood was closely connected with rice fields and images of prosperous farmers in the fields. Thus, Thinh has always harbored a desire to develop the agriculture of his homeland to support local […]

Du học tại chỗ là gì? Lợi ích của du học tại chỗ ở Việt Nam

Bạn có đang ấp ủ giấc mơ du học? Bạn mong muốn tiếp cận nền giáo dục tiên tiến của các nước phát triển? Nhưng bạn lo lắng về chi phí du du học? Hay bạn muốn đi du học nhưng không muốn xa gia đình và quê hương? Đừng lo lắng! Du học tại […]


Modern Vietnamese Culture and Society – MVCS is one of the five Core course at Fulbright. This course equips students with an understanding of modern Vietnam, from cultural, social, political aspects to international relations in the regional and global context. “Studying MVCS is like constantly seeking the answer “why” of what is happening in Vietnam […]

Human-centered Innovation Bootcamp 2023: Putting humans’ thinking, behaviors, emotions, needs, and wants at the center of the problem-solving process

From December 16 to December 18, 2023, “Human-centered Innovation Bootcamp” (HIB) was successfully held in Tra Vinh Province with the participation of 31 students from Fulbright University Vietnam and Hochiminh City. This intensive 3-day training program provides students with opportunities to​ build capacity, practice overcoming challenges, and create continuous impacts with​ human-centered innovation approaches.​​ Prior […]

Fulbright University Vietnam Psychology Researchers Analyze the Impact of Global Culture on Vietnamese Women

“Globalising Positivity Discourses and Women”, a newly published article by Fulbright Psychology Researchers investigates how Western-based self-help imperatives are directed at women in Vietnam “to challenge their negative thinking” and “to become more confident.” While such imperatives offer several benefits, the authors are concerned that these may lead women readers into thinking that psychological blocks […]

Invitation for Public Comments: The Upcoming Comprehensive Evaluation visit of The New England Commission of Higher Education

Fulbright University Vietnam will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit on April 21st 2024, by a team representing the New England Commission of Higher Education (formerly the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, NEASC). The New England Commission of Higher Education is s a U.S. accrediting commission […]

Outbox 2023: The First Fulbright’s Incubation Program

On December 2023, the first startup incubation program of Fulbright University – Outbox 2023 – was successfully organized by the Fulbright Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in collaboration with Reactor School, supported 10 projects and 30 founders in taking their initial steps in the entrepreneurial journey. Fulbright’s first Startup incubation program Outbox 2023: The First […]

“Lessons Learned from Vietnam and the Founding of Parnassus” by Jerome Dodson

We were honored to welcome Mr. Jerome Dodson, the founder of Parnassus Investments, to Fulbright University Vietnam – Crescent Campus in the early days of the Lunar New Year. The event commenced with a warm welcome in the President’s Office, followed by an engaging campus tour led by Fulbright’s students and a public talk. Dodson’s […]

Navigating the Age of AI: Evolving Education for a Changing World

Will We Learn and Teach Like Before in the Age of AI? Generative AI with Large Language Models (LLMs), notably ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0, has gradually secured its role as a learning and working assistant for many people. Research indicates that ChatGPT has seen a significant growth in user numbers since its launch. In January […]

Fulbright University Vietnam Launches the “HV Foundation Impact Scholarship”

Fulbright University Vietnam, in its continuous endeavor to foster Vietnamese cultural and national identity, is proud to announce the “HV Foundation Impact Scholarship” a significant educational initiative in partnership with HV Foundation. Aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders, the scholarship will provide nearly 940 million VND to two exceptional students from the Class […]

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NẾU ĐƯỢC NHẮN NHỦ MỘT ĐIỀU VỚI BẢN THÂN, BẠN SẼ NÓI GÌ? 💛💙 ✨ Bốn năm trước khi mới mười tám đôi mươi, các bạn Khóa 2024 đã trải qua vô vàn cảm xúc khi đặt chân đến Fulbright. Từng dòng tâm sự đó đã được ghi lại trong bức thư các bạn viết cho chính mình ở tương lai, được Fulbright "giữ hộ" trong suốt bốn năm qua. 💌 Giờ đây, khi nhận được bức thư ấy, tân sinh viên năm nào đã sắp trở thành tân cử nhân, với bao bài học, bao kỷ niệm, bao vấp ngã và bao lần khai phóng bản thân. Nhân dịp này, các bạn trẻ cũng muốn gửi gắm đến chính mình những lời nhắn thân thương nhất. Cùng “đột nhập” vào Tuần lễ Tiền tốt nghiệp của Fulbright và chúc mừng Khóa 2024 nhé!

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