September 10, 2020

Admissions Announcement for Fulbright Undergraduate Class of 2025

September 10, 2020

The admissions process for Fulbright University Vietnam Undergraduate Class of 2025 has officially started! This year, Fulbright continues with two admissions cycles: Priority Cycle (10/9/2020-29/11/2020) and Spring Cycle (18/1/2021-4/4/2021) with the target of 250 students.

Vietnamese citizens or foreigners currently in high school senior year and will graduate by September 2021 are eligible to apply to the Undergraduate program of Fulbright Class of 2025. Individuals who already graduated from high school (or equivalent) are also eligible.

The Admissions application for the Class of 2025 is now open at

This application can be completed online and free of charge, and will close on November 29th, 2020.

The Financial Aid application will open on September 30th, 2020 and will close on December 20th, 2020. This is a program to provide aid for students based on the family’s financial situation with the amount ranging from 10% to 100% of the tuition fee.

Fulbright encourages applicants to apply during the Priority Cycle as we intend to admit more students from this Cycle than from the Spring Cycle. Besides, if you have not been admitted to Fulbright Class of 2025 during the Priority Cycle, you still have a second chance to re-apply in the Spring one.

Please stay tuned and attend the Admissions Webinars Series of September 2020 to meet with and ask questions to our Admissions Officers!

Webinars schedule and registration can be found at:


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