August 1, 2023

A Glorious Closing of YSEALI Academy – The Unconference on Impact Entrepreneurship

August 1, 2023

On July 14, 2023 YSEALI Academy The Unconference on Impact Entrepreneurship concluded successfully with a warm Closing Ceremony and a joyful Gala Dinner in Ho Chi Minh city. 

Since 2020, YSEALI Academy has successfully organized 9 flagship seminars focusing on three main pillars addressing various challenges facing the region: Public Policy, Technology & Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The Unconference on Impact Entrepreneurship successfully continues fulfilling its mission of building capacity and enhancing leadership skills for young professionals aged 25-40 from across Southeast Asia.

A memorable journey of 34 fellows from 11 Southeast Asian countries finally reached its destination. They underwent a week of learning, engaging in insightful discussions and proposing solutions for local social enterprises under the guidance of industry experts.

We were honored to welcome Vice Consul General Jakrit Ruangkajorn of Royal Thai Consulate-General; Mr. Anthony M. Jones, Public Affairs Officer of U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City; Consul Keo Bunrith and Mr. Kim Phi Rum of Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Education Consul Lonphanh Phaodavanh of Consulate General of the Lao PDR;  distinguished core faculties, learning partners from 9 local participating NGOs/social businesses, and most importantly, the 34 fellows from 11 Southeast Asian countries who made this event extraordinary.

Representing the U.S Department of State, the long-lasting supporter of the YSEALI Academy, Mr. Anthony M. Jones congratulated the success of the program. He shared his beliefs with 34 fellows  in the room representing the diversity of ASEAN and they should be proud to complete the program. They will continue to follow the missions of leading positive changes in the area of civic engagement, economic empowerment, social entrepreneurship, education access, environment and sustainability.

To highlight and summarize a week of seminar, Dr. Willem Smit, YSEALI Academy Lead Faculty for Entrepreneurship sent the deepest gratitude to all distinguished core faculties, learning partners and others who worked hard, dedicated to mentor fellows and contributed to the development of the next generation of leaders in the region. 

After a week of cultivating knowledge and skills to successfully run a sustainable social business, groups of fellows have come up with their final plans to improve the operating model of participating organizations. 

As the evening drew to a close, fellows showcased their unique cultural aspects through captivating performances of traditional dances and songs. The conference room brimmed with energy and joy as they shared their heritage with the guests.

Throughout the Unconference, we carried with us the cherished memories of this transformative experience. The Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner symbolized not just an end but a new beginning. 

YSEALI Academy looks forward to the next chapter of our Alumni’s entrepreneurial voyage. The connections we have made and the knowledge we have gained will continue to empower us as we shape a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future.



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