Pham Tran Hanh Linh

Future of Work Architect

Some would say that Linh might be the epitome of a job hopper — and Linh would likely agree with that statement given her previous jobs in lawyering, policy advocacy, talent acquisition, and sustainability consulting, just to name a few.

In early 2021, Linh devoted a good eight-month-period to venture into a rather challenging self-discovery journey away from her hometown – Hanoi – and in the beautiful city of Danang. She eventually had a clearer view on her personal values, the importance of aligning such values with her future career, and the need for long-term thinking, then, after two months of contemplation and mild worries, applied to — what she called — “a very niche position” at Fulbright University Vietnam.

As the person in that “very niche” position now, Linh’s personal goal is to help students become more self-aware, think independently, and have a less rocky transition into an increasingly uncertain and complex future.

Linh graduated with a Master of Public Policy (specialised in Environment and Public Policy) from The Australian National University and a Bachelor of Laws from the School of Law, Vietnam National University — Hanoi. She either watches YouTube videos or reads in her free time, and she still has a soft spot for 2000s alternative and punk rock.