Our mission

We must dare to think ‘unthinkable’ thoughts. We must learn to explore all the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world.”

— Senator J. William Fulbright
J.William Fulbright was an American statesman, but as a consequence of the international exchange program that bears his name, he belongs to the entire world. Fulbright’s emphasis on liberal education and international cultural understanding resonates with all nations and peoples.
It was for this reason that the Vietnamese architects of Fulbright University Vietnam, many of them veterans of the exchange program chose his name to adorn what will be a thoroughly and genuinely Vietnamese institution.


Vietnam faces a disconnect between its educational priorities and the demand for skilled employees. While Vietnamese students perform well on standard academic tests, employers consistently report that students lack the skills needed to excel, as reflected in the high underemployment rate of college graduates.

Fulbright University Vietnam strives to close the gap between higher education and Vietnam’s greatest needs.

We built on the effective public policy training of our graduate programs to launch Vietnam’s first not-for-profit, independent, liberal arts undergraduate program.

Together, our undergraduate and graduate programs reimagine the university in Vietnam, building the next generation of Vietnamese leaders equipped with the skills to tackle global challenges.


The mission of Fulbright University Vietnam is to inspire new generations of leaders and ambitious thinkers of diverse origin to serve Vietnamese society and contribute to a better world. As Vietnam’s first liberal art university, founded on the promise of Vietnamese-American partnership, we practice and teach continuous innovation in pursuit of bold, ethical answers to local and global challenges. Our design for academic programs of exceptional quality embraces scientific, social, and humanistic modes of inquiry and action, optimized for a dynamic and impatient future.

Core Values

  • Independent

    Built on curricular autonomy and academic freedom, Fulbright emphasizes transparency and diverse perspectives.

  • Adaptive

    Fulbright blends the flexibility of a start-up with the backing of major donors to offer a program that responds to students’ and society’s needs.

  • Global

    Led by a team of global thought-leaders, Fulbright nurtures a commitment to an interconnected world in the spirit of our namesake.

  • Student-Centered

    Fulbright’s unique pedagogy enables students to shape their education, informing our approach in and outside the classroom. 

  • Inclusive

    Fulbright seeks to open opportunities for talented Vietnamese youth regardless of background or upbringing, drawing on the full talents of outstanding young leaders of various identities.

  • Future-Focused

    Vietnam’s future growth and expected challenges inform Fulbright’s research and teaching and inspire our practice-based design.


In 25 years, Fulbright University Vietnam will be the top choice for students in Vietnam and across Asia. Our students will represent the full regional, disciplinary, socio-economic and gender diversity we deeply value. Supported by world-renowned faculty, our students will engage in research, internships and student organizations in Vietnam and across the globe. In turn, they will pursue opportunities in the world’s best companies and graduate programs. As our students thrive, Vietnamese higher education will adapt alongside us, increasingly integrating student-centered pedagogy and liberal arts approaches. Vietnamese youth across the country will become more effective change makers and leaders to tackle 21st century challenges.