• Undergraduate

Tran Vinh Linh

Faculty Member in Mathematics

Linh is a Hanoian who loves math and photography. He got his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 2011. After traveling around the US as an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Seattle and Yale University, he  returned to his homeland and joined the International University in Ho Chi Minh city, the only state-owned University in Vietnam to use English as the main language of instruction.

Linh’s research interest encompasses investigating models of random graphs that provide a theoretical foundation for simulation, designing and testing algorithms on real world networks. He is also interested in applied probability and statistics, financial mathematics, and machine learning.

Linh enjoys and has profound, diverse experience working with undergraduate students nationally and internationally on a wide range of applied mathematics projects ranging from modeling the movement of stock price to predicting market share changing. His ultimate goal is to make math friendly, fun, and useful to every student.