13 Tháng tám, 2017

“Little FEL” Created in Ha Tinh Province

13 Tháng tám, 2017

Chau Anh, a Rocketeer from Fulbright Everest Launchpad, has established an English community, culture, and life skills club in her hometown.

Rocketeer Nguyen Thi Chau Anh (Hong Linh High School, Ha Tinh) wrote to Fulbright about a small project she initiated.

Her idea was formed after Fulbright University Vietnam’s summer English program Fulbright Everest Launchpad ended.

It’s a local English language project, like a small version of FEL, designed by Chau Anh based on her experience at Fulbright. Her specific version is also attentive to and reflective of the community she is from. It represents the spirit of FEL in the context of where she lives. Each page of the project was written with serious intentions and also full of enthusiasm.

Chau Anh said that in Hong Linh town, generally speaking, the social circumstances and education leads to high levels of discrimination and inequality. At the same time, young people focus on learning in class. They focus on trends, achievements, and they are afraid to participate in extracurricular activities as well as cultivate life skills.

In addition, in the local area, a class of about 30-40 students has readings, copying, memorizing and reciting activities, not to mention the many homework assignments on top of a normal class schedule. Because of that, it makes students lose their interest in and even have a fear of learning, especially in English courses.

Many of the students have passions but have not found the appropriate way to express themselves. Gradually, there is a shortage of knowledge and skills in learning a foreign language.

Therefore, Chau Anh wants to create a community of English sharing and local life skills development in order to help everyone integrate, learn, play, share, and engage with extracurricular activities that help to improve their respective situations.

Chau Anh is sharing liberal arts values with her home community and creating something that will benefit herself and the local community.


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