December 5, 2018

Uncovering Stereotypes workshop

December 5, 2018

Everyone desires a safe and tolerant space where they can be themselves to fully self-develop. Since Fulbright CoDesign Year’s kick-off, we have been practicing to establish boundaries, to enhance empathy and integrity through weekly workshops hold by Megan, our beloved professor.

CoDesign Year equals to design from classes to healthy culture for Fulbright community. That’s why we want to enhance it in terms of ethnic minority and vulnerable groups. By applying lesson we learnt, FulPride&Alliance Club in accordance with Professor Pamela Stacey and Jill, plus Graeme, organized Uncovering Stereotypes workshop on 21st November, just after Fall break.

There is the fact that people will look for better disguises when ‘being abnormal’ is in danger for society. It is ostensible that LGBT+ students is not exceptional as they face discrimination from society, even families and friends.

The reason behind is that human have a tendency to unconsciously form stereotypes which engender prejudices and discrimination. However, prejudices are not invariant, they change over time. As long as a person let stereotypes through communicating and frankly exchanging views give the viewer more perspective and the ability to change prejudices, and help that person to live tolerantly and more diverse in life. Jill pointed out the circulation of stereotypes to discrimination.

As an LGBT+ student who has a privilege to study and live in a moderate and open-minded environment at Fulbright, I am motivated by Fulbright culture and myself want to spread this diversity spirit toward the educational system throughout Vietnam. If we cannot create something new, we want to be the first university to speak for the uncovering-stereotype attitudes.

Building, enhancing and practicing diversity values as in diversity statement of Fulbright is crucial. For at least, until this moment, Fulbright has successfully delivered a open space for CoDesigners to speak up and freely express our opinions. No personal attacks or gossiping culture are compromised at Fulbright University Vietnam.

Nguyen Minh Ha (Co-Design Year student)


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