In the face of extremely complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City and 57 other provinces and cities across the country, the Government is enforcing increasingly strict social distancing measures. Therefore, in order to accommodate the candidates and ensure the admission progress of the Master of Public Policy program in 2021, Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management – Fulbright University Vietnam is now announcing the adjustment of the format, conditions, and enrollment plan for the Master of Public Policy program 2021-2023 (MPP2023).


New admission format will be applied to both majors: Policy Analysis (PA) and Leadership and Management (LM). Accordingly, applicants of the Policy Analysis program will be exempted from the Quantitative and English exams. Since we cannot organize an English exam, the School no longer requires English proficiency for applicants of both majors. However, applicants are still encouraged to submit English language certificates (if any).

According to the above adjustment, candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and submitted the completed application as per listed in the below timeline will be considered for an interview. The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management will select candidates for the new academic year based on application review, essay quality, interview results, and the potential to contribute to society. The interview round will be conducted entirely in English.


In addition to the adjustment in the admission format, the School also extends the application timeline:

• Application closes: 05/09/2021
• Interview announcement: 9/9/2021
• Interview round: 11 – 13/9/2021
• Final decisions: 17/9/2021

To help candidates understand the adjustments related to admission to the Master in Public Policy program 2021-2023 (MPP2023), the School will organize admission consultation sessions for candidates who have opened their applications. Details will be emailed to applicants registered on the online application system as well as announced on the website and Facebook page of the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management.


Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (Fulbright University Vietnam) is now calling for applications for Master of Public Policy program of 2021-2023 (MPP2023). This year, MPP2023 program will provide scholarship packages for various groups of applicants granted by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State.

For online application, please click HERE

For details about MPP2023 admissions, please click HERE

Master of Public Policy program by FSPPM is the only public policy education program in Southeast Asia to be accredited by NASPAA with the longest accreditation period possible (7 years).

With a curriculum that incorporates global modern knowledge with insightful local understandings of Vietnam context and faculty members including both practitioners and theorists, FSPPM focus on both delivering advanced knowledge to students and promoting essential competencies for life-long learning, effective leadership, and cooperation in the workplace, together with strategic thinking.

FSPPM proudly boasts an established team of faculty members who are distinguished and vocal researchers in Vietnam and worldwide. Lectures and case studies are drawn from faculty’s research studies in which understandings of Vietnam policy context are embedded within observable regional and global trends.

Faculty members, comprising of top graduates from leading universities in their respective fields, are diversified in composition. Besides, the school frequently has international scholars from prominent international universities like Harvard University, Duke University, and Tufts University.

Over two decades, FSPPM successfully recruits a student base diverse in geographical locations, expertise, background, and working experiences. They are policymakers and consultants, university lecturers and research fellows, managers in public, private and non-profit organizations. FSPPM students work in extensive fields including industry, agricultural, mining, environmental, banking, housing, commercial, tourism, airlines, healthcare, education, energy, tax, and public administrations. Given their unique background, the diversified students create an enriching learning environment benefitting their classmates.