Initiated for the first time last year, Giving Week has become a tradition at Fulbright to bring our community closer, to appreciate each other’s passion and dedication for education, as well as to create a tradition of unity.

Throughout the week, Fulbright community members join hands to contribute in various ways, from non-material forms, such as volunteering, writing a note of gratitude to one another, exchanging encouragement and support via all forms – hugs, handshakes, fist bumps – and spreading positivity all around campus to donating to Students’ Development Fund or Campus Construction.

As per tradition, this year’s Giving Week will span from May 5 to 15. Fulbright Giving Week 2022 wishes to Empower Change-makers through many exciting events, to name a few: Giving Fair which displays different student-led community activities, varying from different fields; Human Library where students share their experience centered around making positive changes; Art Exhibition which features our students’ creativity; Mini-Concert by our very own Fulbright home-grown talents.All of these fabulous events will premiere together at Fulbright Fun Run! Join us at 7:30 am, Saturday, May 7, 2022 to see our campus come to life! For every kilometer you run, Fulbright’s Leadership will donate $3 to Student’s Development Fund.
Fulbright Fun Run also welcomes all FULBRIGHT ALUMNI, STUDENTS’ PARENTS, FAMILY and FRIENDS OF STAFF/FACULTY. Please help us extend our warmest invitation to them.

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Recently, Fulbright University Vietnam was pleased to receive the DETERMINANT antibacterial masks from Esquel Group and Operation Smile organization. “Hopefully, 5,000 antibacterial DETERMINANT DET30 masks will be enough for Fulbright staff and students to return to school safely. This is Esquel and Operation Smile’s collaborative effort to support the ‘new normal’ operation of governments, NGOs and academic institutions”— said Mr. Viet Nguyen, Country Representative of Operation Smile in Vietnam.

Ms. Bui Viet Lam – Communications Director and Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Lan – Executive Assistant to the President were the representatives of Fulbright University Vietnam to receive this meaningful gift from Esquel Group. “Fulbright University Vietnam would like to thank Esquel for the practical gift. We will distribute these masks to Fulbright students when they return to school in the near future. Fulbright treasures all donations, in any forms, from benefactors to support the community in establishing a ‘new normal’ after the Covid-19 pandemic,” Ms. Viet Lam said.

Representatives from Fulbright University Vietnam receive 5,000 masks donated by Esquel Group.

Dear Fulbright community, friends and supporters,

There’s a beautiful proverb in Vietnamese: “Bán anh em xa mua láng giềng gần” (A neighbor nearby is better than a relative far away). Yet, during this fourth wave of COVID-19, the love Fulbright University Vietnam received proved to me that in hardship, everyone is our neighbor.

On August 01, 2021, Fulbright University Vietnam called for support from our community to buy 3-5 ambulances to help transport COVID-19 patients to hospitals. To my astonishment, our community responded immediately to meet the predicament we are in. In just two weeks, we successfully raised enough to buy three (03) Hyundai Solatis, two (02) Ford Transits, and one (01) general ambulance for COVID hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong.

I’d like to thank all organizations, individuals and groups from all around the globe who donated for this meaningful cause. I cannot stress enough how your gift will help strengthen HCMC’s capacity to transform COVID-19 patient care and improve the health of our community.

My dear friends,

Many people asked me why such a University as Fulbright is trying to do too many things besides teaching; why an academic institution is calling for donations on behalf of Ho Chi Minh City, first with #SupportSaigon, and now with this call for more ambulances. And I told them: Why not?

These are unusual times, to say the least, as Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of Vietnam are facing significant disruptions and suffering. That is the reason why at Fulbright, we believe this is a unique juncture for us to lead – not only in how we adjust our activities as a university, but also in how we can contribute to the society, to make a difference, and to simply do good. Only by being aggressively proactive, we can help protect this city that we call home, heal our community, spread the love and kindness, and contribute to the national effort to cease the proliferation of COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

In this difficult time, Fulbright University Vietnam believes that we cannot just do what is expected of us; we must do what is right. And the right thing to do is to give. But don’t get me wrong, giving is never just about the money. I have seen members from the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management working day and night to advise HCMC’s administration. I have seen Fulbright members working around the clock to fundraise for our initiatives to help Ho Chi Minh City. I have seen our students sparing their last bits of monthly allowance to help.

And I have seen YOU. Thank you for assisting us in our quest of making a difference, of doing the right thing. From our #SupportSaigon initiative to this call for ambulances, time after time, you have shown me that action speaks louder than words; that compassion and empathy will be our strength to carry us through this challenging period. That is the exact quality and spirit we would love Fulbright students to continue honing throughout their lifetime.

My dear friends,

Although these past several months have been difficult, and there will likely be more challenging days ahead, please keep a cool head to deal with the hardships, but a warm heart to care for others. Let’s be “neighbors” of not just the people around you, but also to those in need. In this day and age, help can be just a phone call away.

Please acknowledge my deepest gratitude.

Be well and stay safe,

Dam Bich Thuy

President, Fulbright University Vietnam