One hallmark of most American universities is the opportunity to live and learn with people you might otherwise never meet. Our residential and student life components provide a unique, immersive educational experience for Vietnamese students.

Residential Life

Fulbright University offers a residential program to all undergraduate students. Students from various walks of life and locations live in shared campus residences around the Crescent Campus area, creating a diverse and vibrant residential community that fosters learning and growth.

Each apartment or housing unit is provided with a kitchen, some common space for social events and separate shared bedrooms.

The buildings are often equipped with swimming pools, fitness and gym facilities, and are within walking distance of campus.

Supporting students in the residence halls is a team of Residence Advisors (RAs). These RAs live in the residence halls with students, providing support and guidance for students on all matters from safety, including mental and physical health, to helping negotiate conflicts and providing mentorship.

They also support students with special circumstances and needs and help cultivate the co-design and co-learning spirit of the University.

In addition to maturing and becoming independent, our students also benefit in their residential experience by living and learning with people of great diversity.

Fulbright attracts students of very different socio-economic, religious, ethnic, and gender identities and we work hard to ensure that all members of our community feel supported and welcomed.

From identity-based student groups like the LGBTQ+ group FulPride, to programming that discusses the role of our identity in our academic and personal development, Fulbright strives to establish an inclusive space for our students to thrive.


Student Life

At Fulbright, students set the agenda for their experience. Students independently organize student clubs, activities and projects around issues they are passionate about.

The Office of Student Life supports students to create and run their clubs, organizations, community services and other student-led initiatives that serve the broader communities or help others enrich their lives.

Some of the clubs that have been prototyped during the Co-design year include the Fulbright Art Lab, The Diplomat, Fulbright Book Club, The Kieu (Students’ Newspaper), Event Hub, Debate Club, Fulbright Pride and Alliance (supporting the LGBTQ initiatives), Architect Club, Food and Fitness, AEFECT (multimedia projects), Psychology Club, STEM Club and Music Club.

We also facilitate and provide support for career counseling and professional development, entrepreneurship, and creative start-up ideas. Student Affairs support and strongly encourage new and bold ideas, and all efforts in creating a truly student-center university.