Diversity at Fulbright

The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy– the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something we have failed to see, or may see it more accurately.” — Senator J. William Fulbright

Fulbright University Vietnam celebrates and draws strength from diversity, which we define broadly.

We are dedicated to building a pluralistic learning community that in its composition reflects the diversity of Vietnam and the world.

Our commitment to diversity is rooted in our respect for the dignity of the individual and in our dedication to fostering mutual understanding.

We believe that engaging with those whose identities, life experiences, and beliefs are different from our own is a defining feature of a transformative education. It is also an essential prerequisite for responsible national and global citizenship.

At Fulbright, students, faculty and staff work together to understand, appreciate and grow from each other’s viewpoints and unique perspectives.