Quyen Nguyen is the Development Officer. She is accountable for individual fundraising and aligning efforts for multiple development programs and initiatives for Fulbright University Vietnam.

Quyen has long had a great passion for the environment and female empowerment. Since she was a teenager, she has been actively involved in environmental research projects. Quyen once represented Vietnam with the project “Preparation for Arsenic Pollution Treating Material from Red Mud Waste in Alumina Producing at Chemical Factory in Vietnam” to participate in the Sustainable World Project Olympiad 2009 and won a gold medal among 452 projects from 72 countries, held in Houston, USA.

One of the earlier topics in which she was involved in research on the situation was “Air Pollution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated with Particulate Matter in Atmospheric Environment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam” which was awarded a bronze medal at the 16th International Environment Project Olympiad, out of 41 participating countries, held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her passion to support the community prompted her to work on a variety of social impact projects in the recent decade. She has been the co-founder of Paid Hugs project since 2014 and a member of the management board of social enterprise She Will Be Strong since 2019. Joining Fulbright, she wishes to contribute to the development of a not-for-profit university in Vietnam and realize the school’s mission in building the next generation of change-makers in Vietnam, for Vietnam.

As an MBA graduate from RMIT University and an alumna of the Luxury Product Management program at ISC Business School Paris, Quyen’s expertise is in business development, luxury management, and partnership for diverse industries including education, insurance, technology, fashion, hospitality, and start-ups.

She enjoys working as a team, doing yoga, and sharing quality conversations while having vegetarian food.

Lan Anh is the Operation and Strategic Initiatives Manager, in charge of developing the university’s growth strategy and strategic initiatives to realize the school long term’s mission

Her rooted passion for social mission business drives her from a consultant professional to actively engage in varied community service projects then move to work for a social enterprise and now join Fulbright- the first not-for-profit university in Vietnam. She wants to build Fulbright a strong and efficient organization to achieve its vision and to create positive impacts for Vietnam

Prior to joining Fulbright, Lan Anh has built extensive experiences in consulting business from both consulting firm and client’s side. She was a consultant with YCP Solidiance – an Asia growth focus corporate strategy consulting firm, then 2 years as a Bank Partnership Manager for iCare Benefits Vietnam- a for-profit social enterprise. Most recently, she was Strategy & Development Manager for Hoan My Group.

Besides professional work, she was an active Community Service Manager of SEO Vietnam- a non-profit that empowers young professionals to become responsible leaders, she was facilitating the engagement of the fellows & business partners with current issues of local social enterprise/ non-profit organizations in HCMC, ensure long-term impact, raise awareness, and encourage problem-solving within the sector. She currently serves as a BOD member for LIN Center of Community Development.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting & Finance from International University, Vietnam National University.

She enjoys trekking, traveling, reading, and a lot of times for just being home.

Mai Linh is the Industry Outreach Officer, in charge of developing partnership policies, procedures, and systems. She works jointly with different departments to build relationships with corporations and foundations in Viet Nam and abroad.

Mai Linh has consistently developed in the not-for-profit sector since the early days of her career. Before Fulbright University Vietnam, she worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature and Saigon Children’s Charity CIO. She focused on building digital fundraising campaigns and managing corporate partnerships.

Mai Linh holds a Master’s degree in International PR and Global Communication Management from Cardiff University, under the Chevening Scholarship of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Her Bachelor’s is in International Communication at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. She is also one of the first fellows of the Cambria Fellowship supported by the Wales Co-operative Centre and Welsh Government to incubate initiatives for social enterprises in the UK.

Besides her professional career, she is also passionate about volunteering to make a positive impact for different communities. Mai Linh helped bring the first TEDx Week under the TEDxNguyenHueStreet license and the Concert of Childhood Memory to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. She is now a member of She Loves Data, a global organization that supports women working in the data world.

Mai Linh loves cats, yoga, and walking mediation. She also likes learning DIY stuff and different musical instruments.

Toan Nguyen is a Development Associate at Fulbright’s President’s Office. He has a lifelong interest in education and works to help people become better. At Fulbright, he takes care of the Presidential Hosts & Development Interns, supports Fulbright’s outreach to the broader Vietnamese society, and works on any opportunity he can find to fundraise for Fulbright.

Before Fulbright, Toan helped people prepare for US History and World History SATs as well as consulting firms’ case interviews.

Toan spent his earlier years in Ha Tinh (his hometown), Ha Noi (his adopted hometown), the State of Massachusetts (where he went to high school and college), and Ha Giang (where he co-founded a tourism business). If you happen to travel to Vietnam’s northernmost commune of Lung Cu, you can check out Homie, Homie Sound, and Homie Love—the three homestays that Toan and his co-founder built in partnership with people of the Lo Lo ethnic minority.

He enjoys doing what he can to help other people.

Vu Nguyen is our Partnership Manager. He supports the university in developing relationship with industry partners and high-impact individuals.

Vu was born in Ha Tinh, a rural province in Central Vietnam and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, then he spent his early career away from home in Sydney, Beijing and Hanoi. His professional background is in project management and business development. He has interest and working experience in both finance and education in Vietnam and overseas.

Prior to joining Fulbright, Vu has taken a leadership role in many social impact and education projects, including VinUniversity, Vietnam Center, ORINE (Cơm Có Thịt) Sydney, St Laurence House (Australia), etc. where he oversaw fundraising, finance, or partnership development.

Vu graduated from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance. He was later selected into the third cohort of Schwarzman Scholars program, where he studied the Master of Science in Management with many other young talents at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China).

Apart from working with a wonderful team at Fulbright, Vu enjoys cycling, rallying, and helping friends and clients invest in the stock market at Viet Dragon Securities.

Giang is the Senior Manager of Partnership and Outreach. She oversees corporate relationship management and fundraising for Fulbright University Vietnam.

Giang studied mathematics at the Gifted School for Mathematics and Informatics, University of Natural Sciences; and international relations at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. She received the Fulbright Scholarship and earned a Master Degree in Public Policy at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

Prior to joining Fulbright, Giang was a diplomatic officer for 6 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam; a Director of Operations for 2 years at Topica Edtech Group. She also founded a real estate company focusing on investment opportunities in newly developed cities in central Viet Nam.

Giang is passionate about education and investment. She loves running, swimming and traveling to exotic places. She is a loving mother of a wonderful daughter and a cheerful Golden Retriever.