• Undergraduate

Vu Minh Hoang

Faculty Member in History and Vietnamese studies

Vu Minh Hoang is a diplomatic historian of 20th century Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific, studying national and regional security, economics, interests and identity formation, and genocide. His Ph.D. dissertation at Cornell University argued that the Third Indochina War is the key formative event of the present-day regional order in Southeast Asia, most notably by elevating the principle of non-interference above the protection of human rights.

His works have been presented at international conferences like the annual meetings of the Association of Asian Studies, the American Historical Association, and Engaging with Vietnam; and has appeared in the Journal of Vietnamese Studies, various edited volumes, and a documentary.

He first came to the Fulbright Economic Teaching Program in 2008 as a research intern, before earning his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and History at the London School of Economics, graduating top of his class. He hopes to combine the best elements of American and British education to help Fulbright build a rich offering of International History, International Relations, and Southeast Asian Studies courses.