Vu Ha Linh

Residence Advisor

Linh graduated from RMIT University Vietnam with a Bachelor of Professional Communication, and as planned, he would work for advertising agencies.

However, life never goes as planned. After almost one year working in the advertising industry in different roles, Linh made a leap of faith, and he is here at Fulbright University Vietnam. It was risky to make a career change, but he is very excited about the new journey ahead, and the most important thing is that he is happy with his decision.

Before graduating, Linh took part in different leading roles at RMIT Vietnam’s student clubs. Moreover, during this time, Linh also joined charitable and educational projects for elementary students. These experiences sharpened Linh’s perception of the significant role of education in social development and gave Linh motivation to switch from advertising to education.

As a Residence Advisor, Linh hopes his experience can benefit Fulbright students and help them to make the most of their university experience.

In his free time, Linh likes travelling by motorbike, playing flag football and hanging out with his friends.