Tran Thanh Hung

Visiting Faculty in Math

Dr. Trần Thanh Hưng was born and raised in a small village in the rural area of Thanh Hoa province. After graduating from Hanoi-Amsterdam high school and one year of daydreaming at a local university, he decided to go abroad. The academic journey took him to alleys and mountains in the Appalachian region (Berea College), the ice and fire of upstate New York (Cornell University), the limelight and firework of SoCal (UC Irvine), and eventually windmills and oil rigs of West Texas (currently at Texas Tech University).

As a geometric analyst (also a soccer fan, a tennis player, and a chess enthusiast), his research is about shapes and how things are quantitatively and visibly related to each other. He is a recipient of prestigious grant awards including ones from Texas Tech University, the American Mathematical Society, the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, the Simons Foundation, and the (US) National Science Foundation.