• Undergraduate

Nguyen Chi Hieu

Adjunct Faculty Member in Economics
Starting this Fall semester, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu joins Fulbright as an Adjunct Faculty Member in Economics. Dr. Nguyen is the CEO and co-founder of IEG Global, an umbrella group of 10 education ventures impacting over 1.5 million students and teachers in more than a thousand schools nationwide.

Dr. Chi Hieu Nguyen earned his Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics (UK), his Ph.D. from Stanford University (USA), and an MBA from the University of Oxford (UK). Known as one of the most distinguished students from Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen has won numerous accolades, including a full scholarship to LSE, Stanford University and University of Oxford for all years of study; The World’s Top 100 students in 2006; Top Graduate of LSE in 2007; Stanford University Awards for outstanding teaching assistant and lecturer (2008-2012); and Top Graduate of Oxford MBA in 2016, among others.

After numerous experiences of working at leading institutions in finance, economics, academia, such as Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Stanford, IMF… Dr. Nguyen took a big career change and has grown himself into an expert in the education sector of Vietnam. For the past decade, he has set up and transformed over a hundred K-12 schools, colleges, education institutes and non-profit organizations, ranging from boutique models to big-scale systems, in multiple capacities: school model design, new school creation, school restructuring, product research and development, professional development, general management, corporate finance & strategy, system operations.

In terms of teaching, Dr. Nguyen has taught the entire range of primary, middle, high school, college and graduate school students across multiple subjects and school segments. With an aim to improve teaching practices in Vietnamese schools and institutes leapfrog and keep pace with international standards and frontiers, Dr. Nguyen has trained over 25,000 teachers in secondary schools and colleges, renowned for constantly introducing and scaling innovative teaching practices that are deeply rooted in academic research, adapted with contextual insights and highly effective in practice.

He is a renowned pioneer in Vietnamese education and highly sought-after speaker in both educational and business conferences, addressing a spectrum of audience including educators, researchers, policy makers, school leaders, teachers, parents, students, and business leaders. Dr. Nguyen is also an active contributor on national news and media as well as a published author with numerous books in education and related issues.