• Undergraduate

Luong Ngoc Tram

Visiting Faculty Member in Art and Media studies

Tram Luong is a multimedia artist and a Ph.D. candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology at Yale University (USA). The central tenets of her work cover a wide range of thematic interests, including colonial history, orientalism, and ethnic violence. Tram’s Ph.D. research focuses on inter-ethnic relations between Khmer and Vietnamese as well as the history of anti-Vietnamese antagonism in Cambodia, for which she received an Emerging Scholars Research Award at Yale in 2016.

Tram holds a B.A. in International Studies and Studio Arts from Trinity College, CT (USA), where she graduated as the valedictorian in 2014. She served as a President’s Fellow for the International Studies Department and received a Trustee’s Award for Student Excellence for her academic achievements, the college’s prestigious award presented annually to the top 2 seniors with outstanding record. Previously, Tram attended the International Honors Program and travelled through the US, Tanzania, India, New Zealand, Mexico, and Guatemala to study the impact of globalization.

Tram is trained under the tutelage of photographer Pablo Delano and urban anthropologist Erik Harms. Her first feature film “Elegy for the time being” is an experimental documentary that merges ethnographic engagement with artistic interpretation to highlight the lasting impacts of past conflict on generations of Vietnamese artists and scholars in the United States. The film received positive transnational critiques after participating in a number of international festivals – the New Haven Documentary Film Festival (New Haven, CT), Hanoi DocFest (Hanoi, Vietnam), and Ethnografilm Paris (Paris, France) – as well as a special screening at the American Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017. More broadly, Tram’s multidisciplinary framework often brings new lives to archival materials, using stills, moving images, and other mixed-media representations.

At Fulbright, Tram will be teaching courses in the Art and Media Studies major, with a focus on photography and critical theory.