Le Nguyen Phuong Uyen

Admissions Officer

Phuong Uyen holds an abiding passion for the art of Writing. Prior to working as an Admissions Officer at Fulbright University Vietnam, Uyen attended Dickinson College (a liberal arts college) in Pennsylvania, USA. During this time, Uyen was the first international student to be appointed as a Co-Head Tutor at the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center and an International Student Representative in the President’s Commission on Diversity. In both of these roles, Uyen earnestly strove to enhance the experience and equality for the international students population at Dickinson College.

Phuong Uyen holds a BA in Educational Studies and French & Francophone Studies. With the former major, Uyen researched the compatibilities and differences of the socio-educational policies in Vietnam, USA and France. With the latter, Uyen investigated the (in)delible marks of French culture in Indochina, West Africa and the Middle East through analysis of the literary pieces in these regions.