Le Khanh Linh

Student Affairs Coordinator

Linh holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining Fulbright, she was working with Cereus Corporation in California, then Citibank. She has shared her experience of joining Fulbright as a sudden turning point when she chose to shift from finance to education. She caught the flash of inspiration to work in higher education when she was still in the U.S. to pursue her bachelor’s degree. The diversity of a university, the vibrant intellectual nature, the unabashed enthusiasm of young people and the meaning behind the existence of it are what draw her attention. With Fulbright, she has a strong conviction that she is a part of something more meaningful than just mere working.

Linh joined Fulbright at an early stage when the university first established and has been involved in many different departments, like academic affairs, recruitment, and admissions. With a wealth of experience, she decided to transition to Student Life because she believes that learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. She wants to build a diverse and inclusive environment that can help the students thrive.

In her free time, Linh enjoys doing craft, exploring the city and hanging out with friends.