• Development

Giang Nguyen

Development Officer

Giang Nguyen is Development Associate, in charge of community fundraising and Fulbright’ strategic initiatives that relate to her passion, Social Entrepreneurship.

Starting grassroot work at 15, Giang has raised close to 100,000 USD for different charity works in Vietnam and the US, helping underprivileged groups such as orphanages, hospitalized senior citizens, unemployed workers in Vietnam and immigrants in the US.  In college, Giang represented students on the school financial committee that worked on 5-year planning of the university’s 141 million USD endowment. She also co-managed a student investment fund of 55,000 USD.

As a student on financial aid from a liberal art college in America, Giang has Fulbright and its mission at heart. Education and financial aid changed her life and Giang is committed to paying forward to future generations.

Before returning home to join Fulbright, Giang studied or worked in the US, UK, and Israel. Her most recent home was the one and only, San Francisco!

Giang holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics from Pitzer College, the Claremont Colleges.

She likes green and quiet mountains.