Elisabeth Günther

Provost's Distinguished Fellow

Elisabeth Günther holds a PhD in Classical Archaeology. From 2014 to 2018, she was part of the excellence cluster “Topoi. The formation and transformation of space and knowledge in ancient civilizations” in Berlin. In 2018, she successfully completed her doctoral thesis on comedy-related vases from South Italy (4th century BC) at the Institute for Classical Archaeology of the Free University in Berlin. The book “Comic Images: Frames and the narrative potential of comedy-related vases” will be published in 2021. Her research interests focus on digital methods in archaeology, Roman numismatics, and the application of cognitive theories to ancient visual studies, especially visual narration and reception processes. She has been teaching at the Institute for Classical Archaeology of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and at the Institute for Digital Humanities of the University of Goettingen and was travelling around the Mediterranean Sea as a traveling fellow of the German Archaeological Institute 2019/2020. Since July 2021, she is assistant professor (Akademische Rätin) for Classical Archaeology at the University of Trier.