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Research Projects

The following research projects are undertaken to establish the Vietnam Studies Center (VSC) as a scientific hub for new research achievements about Vietnam from an interdisciplinary perspective, examining Vietnam in relation to the region (East Asia or Southeast Asia), and in the global context, promoting research and expanding research collaboration is one of VSC’s top priorities.

In the “Research” section, VSC introduces research projects conducted by faculty and students of Fulbright University Vietnam. These projects may include completed works that have been published across various academic platforms such as specialized journals or conference presentations). They can also be new research initiatives, first published on the VSC website as working papers, aiming to receive contributions and feedback from the academic community and the public before the final, complete, and official publication.

The “Research” section also welcomes the sharing of research findings from scholars and researchers both domestically and internationally, in order to create dynamic scientific exchange and expand the readership of newly introduced works.

VSC invites you to visit the “Research” section because this is where new knowledge is created and disseminated. VSC always welcomes scientific contributions (including papers) from readers because you are not only the beneficiaries of but also the valuable resources that vitalize Vietnam-related research.


Explore recently published reports by our academics, where new knowledge is generated and shared, creating dynamic academic exchange and broadening our understanding of Vietnam and its place in South East Asia.


We’re proud to showcase a wide range of completed works by our esteemed faculty that have been published across various academic platforms, including specialized journals and conference presentations. Our aim with these papers is to invite contributions and feedback from the academic community and the general public on Vietnam.

Research Databases

Assemble and develop scientific resources for Vietnam studies and research:

A diverse resource of materials is the foundation for learning and research development. The Center will build a Vietnam Studies Reading Room as part of the Fulbright library system.

The Reading Room focuses on collecting invaluable documents of Vietnam and about Vietnam and especially welcomes and honors all individual and collective donations of materials to the Reading Room.

To date, Fulbright has received material donated from several world’s leading Vietnam studies scholars, such as Prof. David Marr (Australian National University), Prof. Hue-Tam Ho Tai (Harvard University), and Cornell University (USA).

In addition to publications, the Reading Room also stores essay films produced by Vietnam Studies students in digital format


In this glossary, you can find all the key terms related to our research projects happening at Vietnam Studies Center. You are also invited to add and modify entries to each project. The glossary is a work in progress, and link will be provided soon.

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