December 4, 2018

Open House Showcases Campus Life and Learning

December 4, 2018

250 high school students as well as teachers and parents from across nine provinces attended Fulbright University Vietnam’s Open House. In total, 348 people joined the recruitment event to learn about Fulbright’s admissions and financial aid processes, student life, and the academic experience.

“These events give our visitors the sense of community we are building on campus,” said Le Thi Quynh Tram, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid. “We visited schools across the country during this outreach cycle to highlight what we are creating in Ho Chi Minh City. This event is a wonderful chance to bring all of those descriptions to life.”

Visitors rotated among different classrooms on campus where they learned about Fulbright’s admissions process, financial aid process, and the undergraduate academic program. Prospective students also participated in one of six demo classes taught by undergraduate faculty, and they attended sessions organized by Co-Design Year students.

“Our Co-Designers were an important part of today’s event,” said Dinh Vu Trang Ngan, Director of Undergraduate Programs. “Will I be happy here? Will I learn and grow and make the best of my potential here? Time spent with students’ perspectives are powerful. We hope visitors left with a better sense of whether Fulbright might be the place for them.”

Co-Designer Tran Bao Than Thien and Nguyen Trung Hieu said they were eager to welcome potential new students to their home.

“When I had conversations with students from An Giang and Dong Thap, I was shocked hearing they traveled as early as 1 AM to get here,” Than Thien said. “Although we are from different geographic areas, I could feel the similarities between us in our thoughts and that special connection drawing us to Fulbright.”

Co-Designer Nguyen Trung Hieu added, “It was amazing to meet all of our participants, both students and their parents, and feel their energy. They came to the Open House to get to know more about Fulbright and find out whether they and Fulbright share the same goals and dreams.”

The last and largest admissions recruitment event of the year ended. Twelfth graders huddled near Co-Designers to ask questions about the application due in December, while eleventh graders asked when next year’s application cycle will begin and what other events they could join.

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