March 15, 2018

More Valuable Than What’s In Print

March 15, 2018

Taking a scholarship, turning it into change for her future and her community. Life is a picture that contains many mysteries.

It would not matter if I ignored it. A notification email came through my phone. I’m busy scheduling a class visit, so with a regular email notification I usually just forward to my best friend without really thinking about what it is.

A week later, I learned that it was an English scholarship, and it was the deadline. I applied last minute then waited and received notice of the interviews for the top 100.

After interviewing, the next day I got a call, thinking I had lost it after the interview, but not so! I got a surprise, a surprise I never expected. I told my parents, they also felt very surprised.

The time before coming to Ho Chi Minh City is when I felt most eager. I was so excited wondering what I would experience in that crowded city.

I get emotional when I think about FEL. FEL made me so happy. The first few weeks I was still upset, not confident but gradually I understood why Jack Tate called this program Love Bomb.

I now understand what was given. Jack Tate’s dedication has kindled our passion for the program giving us the opportunity to experience new life.

Through the FEL lessons I have acquired certain skills that an old education program can not give us in thinking skills, presentation skills and communication skills. I have the opportunity to meet and get to know the two sisters I love the most throughout the program.

Miss Tuyen is like a sister to this family, she is caring, loving and always gives us warmth. Whenever I stumble, I always have sisters to share with me.

She also tells me that it is called a product, a product that does not need to be perfect but it is also the result of her labor or other people so honoring that product is treasuring the value of yourself and those around you.

Miss Ngan always brings us spiritual encouragement and outlooks for the future, opening up a new horizon, exploring things inside me that I never thought of before.

Thanks to FEL I also understand how important the incentive is. Through our extracurricular activities we plan to organize, we are more engaged, more confident, more caring and more important than the spirit of teamwork.

For myself, the skills, experiences are much more valuable than what’s in print. So I hope I can bring the learning skills to people as well as love bombs Jack Tate brought to Vietnam so that everyone will have their own experience.



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