April 26, 2019

Creating and Making: The journey of Duno

April 26, 2019

At Fulbright’s Creating and Making Class, a first-year core course that helps student to understand design thinking and design process, students were asked to create products for eight-year-old kids to play. A group of Co-Design students crafted a pop-up playbook themed on environmental protection.

Dinosaur Duno, the leading character, took the kids on an amazing journey to discover the Earth that all of us call home. Along with Duno’s footprints, the little audience could see how wild, green and beautiful our Earth used to be and how seriously our Common Home has been polluted with tons of tons of plastic wastes, etc. Duno also taught the kids to live in harmony with our planet through using non-plastic products and saving energy, etc. 

The book’s makers struggled for a while to create pop-up images that are able not only to tell comprehensible, compelling stories about the Earth but also stimulate children curiosity and desire to play. They experienced all phases of a design process, including idea formulation, surveys of users, product creation, and prototype and market test. They learnt how to work in a team and particularly, how to improve from frequent failure. 

One of the most challenges they faced in crafting the book’s cover was to find out the ideal materials for color painting and solid coating. Finally, they came up with the recycled material that was surprisingly unique and creative. 

Now, let’s explore this amazing hand-made pop up book in the following video!  

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