August 9, 2018

Fulbright Launches College Bridge Program

August 9, 2018

25 Co-Design students are participating in Fulbright University Vietnam’s inaugural College Bridge Program. This summer English language and college skills development program is taking place prior to the start of the full academic year later this fall.

“I have been challenging students quite a bit with different types of activities and assignments, and listening every day to their feedback so that I can continuously improve the curriculum, both this year and next,” said Pamela Stacey, the College Bridge Program and Learning Support Director.

“The students have also done quite a bit of collaborative work, which was part of my goal of building a sense of community between Bridge students so that they can continue to support each other throughout the Co-Design Year.”

During the admissions process, Fulbright sought a diverse set of students from across Vietnam, regardless of their background. Some students demonstrated their strengths and the Fulbright characteristics but may have had less opportunity or access to adequate English language training.

To this end, the College Bridge Program is a six week immersive program to prepare students for the academic rigor of Fulbright’s undergraduate curriculum.

The Bridge students are actively engaged on campus with their coursework. It provides a hint of what is to come this fall when the entire inaugural undergraduate class of Co-Designers begin the academic year.

“My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Students readily took up the role of “Co-Designers,” giving me honest and meaningful reflective feedback every single day,” Stacey continued. “They have also reacted with openness and flexibility to every activity I have asked them to try, which has allowed us all to learn a great deal from each other. I am continuously impressed by their work, and I know they will continue to collaborate and teach us many things during the Co-Design Year.”


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