June 7, 2021

Fulbright University Vietnam and VIETSEEDS Foundation announce new NP-Family scholarship for incoming student

June 7, 2021

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam– With alignment in the mission to grow Vietnamese talents to become future change-makers, Fulbright and VietSeeds Foundation are honored to announce the creation of the Nguyễn-Phương Family Scholarship, (“NP Family Scholarship) which will award one (01) full tuition scholarship to incoming students for every academic year, starting Fall 2021.

This endowed scholarship is funded by the family of Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam, a distinguished philanthropist in Asia. Mr. Nguyễn Phương Lam was the first Vietnamese student to attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has built a successful career in finance and investment. His philanthropic activities, which center on education and poverty alleviation, span throughout organizations in Asia and the world such as Acumen, Ashoka, Endeavor, and VietSeeds Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to bringing equal access to college education for all students across Vietnam.

Mr. Lam’s family creates this scholarship as a part of their long-term commitment to support our mission of nurturing generations of Vietnamese change-makers for a better and more humane world.

The spirit of the scholarship is to help form generations of Vietnamese leaders/changemakers (in all fields of society) for a more humane, kinder world – a world built on solidarity instead of competition; a world focusing on broad human development and social sustainability instead of just economic and material development; a world based on the principle that the meaning of human life is in the being, and not in the having.

In addition to the financial reward, the recipient of the NP Family Scholarship will have access to special mentorship and career development opportunities offered by the Nguyen-Phuong family.

To apply, students need to demonstrate exemplary traits of future change-makers by having these following characteristics: Curiosity and Creativity, Courage and Resilience, Adaptability and Open Mind, Leadership and Co-leadership. Newly admitted students may find more information on selection criteria and application process in an official email sent by Fulbright University Vietnam.

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