February 26, 2019

Co-Designers’ Outing trip – Zing Newspaper

February 26, 2019

A group of Co-Design Year student recently had an outing trip to the headquarter of Vietnam’s the largest online newspaper – Zing. Zing is also the online newspaper to apply modern technology into its operational and publishing process.  

This is also part of the experiential learning process – one of the most important aspects of the Undergraduate program at Fulbright University Vietnam. There is no better way to understand journalism than to have first-hand experience of how a newspaper headquarter operates.  

What impressed Fulbright’s students the most is how green Zing’s office is. The office provides the team of young, energetic journalists a wonderful and pleasant space for creativity.

There, the Co-Designers had the chance to enthusiastically discuss many topics related to journalism with Zing’s Assistant Managing Editor, the famous Mr. Luong Nguyen An Dien.

Mr. Luong Nguyen An Dien earnestly answered all the questions with such wit and humors. The Co-Designers had a great time learning so much from him about various topics, ranging from plagiarism, fake news, LGBT community, and so on.

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