Continuity and Change in the Nordic Society Model – Adapting to a Digital Age


On 22nd February, on celebration of Nordic Day 2019, the Nordic Embassies in Vietnam (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) together with Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management hosted the seminar on “Continuity and Change in the Nordic Society Model – Adapting to a Digital Age”.

The seminar spotlights the participation of four Nordic Ambassadors and four prominent Nordic experts: Mr. Adam Lebech, Deputy Director General of the Danish Agency for Digitalization; Ms. Anna Sundstrom, Secretary General, Sweden’s Olof Palme International Centre, Dr. Paula Saikkonen, Senior Researcher, National Institute for Health and Welfare; and Dr. Silvvija Seres, Mathematician and Technology Investor from Norway.

Over 70 representatives, policy makers, technology and economic development experts in HCMC participated and shared their ideas in the seminar. Attending the seminar, speakers and participants discussed extensively on Nordic welfare states, their policies in wealth distribution, social investments and these countries’ responses to Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the future.

The speakers shared that around 100 and 150 years ago, Nordic countries started as underdeveloped countries as benchmarked against contemporary European standards; however, with proper wealth distribution policies, the income gap is reduced and different social classes enjoy universial quality in education, healthcare, public services and growth opportunities.

Nordic countries are succesful in creating high social trust and enforcing the trust between citizens and the government.

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