The Co-Design Year 2018–2019

How do we launch a university? Our model rests on the exchange of ideas between students and faculty.

To this end, we launched our 2018-2019 Co-Design Year, a full academic year during which 54 students will refine Fulbright’s undergraduate program in partnership with leading faculty members and staff from around the world.

This is a unique opportunity. Not only is this the only time that the Co-Design Year is being conducted at Fulbright, but it is also the first Co-Design year in Vietnam.

The Co-Design Year allows Fulbright to hone various aspects of the undergraduate program, from student government to experiential learning across the country.

It enables us to create a culture where students are engaged and empowered.

This year helps us to design a student-centered classroom and educational experience, and to create effective learning strategies that move students from passive rote learning to interactive problem solving.

Students for the Co-Design Year

Fifty-four students currently participate in the 2018-2019 Co-Design Year. These students are supporting the launch of Vietnam’s first independent, private, not-for-profit university. 

All Co-Design Year students: 

  • Receive the Fulbright Founding Scholarship, comprised of a full scholarship to participate in the Co-Design Year (2018-19), and a partial scholarship for the students’ remaining four years at Fulbright worth approximately $5,000 USD per year (roughly equivalent to 115 million VND per year). 
  • Are guaranteed a spot in Fulbright University Vietnam’s fall of 2019  inaugural class. 
  • Earn one semester of academic credit for their Co-Design Year coursework.
  • Are eligible for need-based financial aid, in addition to the Fulbright Founding Scholarship.