On May 13th, the Fulbright Fun Run 2023 event was a resounding success with the enthusiastic participation and support of over 1000 “runners”. This was also the largest gathering to date of the student, faculty, and staff community of Fulbright as well as distinguished guests, friends and partners of the university on our journey of building and providing a world-class liberal arts education to the next generation of Vietnam.

Following the morning run was a series of exciting activities initiated and organized by Fulbright students as part of the Giving Week program. This is a beautiful tradition of the university, an opportunity for the Fulbright community to bond and express gratitude to all organizations and individuals who have believed in and contributed to our vision and mission throughout the years.

Prominent among them was the Impact Showcase featuring 17 outstanding projects in the fields of culture, science, community, and entrepreneurship that Fulbright faculty and students had accomplished this year. Hundreds of people attended the exhibition and got to know from Fulbrighters about the results and positive impact they had created on Vietnam’s communities and society. They include a project to build an app to protect endangered turtles and thereby protect the marine ecosystem in Vietnam; or the fish-shaped robot employed in climate change research; or two board game projects See-Saw and Em-In, which were already well-known in the local startup community with the goal of improving mental health and conveying emotional intelligence knowledge to children and adolescents in Vietnam.

17 projects, 17 different perspectives on society, all aimed at applying the talents of individuals and groups of Fulbright to address the problems and challenges facing Vietnam’s society. Perhaps that is why, in just four hours of the exhibition, millions of VND were donated by individuals participating in the exhibition with the hope that the projects will continue to be implemented and multiplied not only within but outside the Fulbright community.

Also present at Fulbright Fun Run were performances from members of the Fulbright Music Club, booths and activities from student clubs currently active in a wide range of interests, including STEM, Arts, Sports, Community Improvement, and Development Organizations, etc.

Throughout the event, Fulbright received generous support not only from the school community but also from philanthropists and partners who share our vision and mission of reimagining the future of higher education in Vietnam. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s collective efforts and contributions for Fulbright’s Student Development Fund and the Campus Building Fund.

Fulbright University Vietnam would also like to express our gratitude to the Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors for this event:

💎 Diamond sponsors: Phu My Hung Group, DatVietVAC Group Holdings, CarePlus International Clinic Vietnam

☀️ Gold sponsor: Men’s clothing brand Coolmate

⭐️ Silver sponsor: KMS Technology Vietnam, Nestlé Vietnam, Wall’s Vietnam, Lumiere 9 Plus – Natural Drinking Water

✨ Bronze sponsor: Dat Bike Electric Motorcycle, Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon

We couldn’t feel more proud, and honored, to have received generous donations from the much-treasured attendees of the event. Such riches of support also reminds us of the commitment that the university must uphold for the country’s young people, and for the future of Vietnam’s higher education. For clearly, we are trusted with the mission and vision of providing a world-class liberal arts education in Vietnam, where students are fully equipped and inspired to go after local and global challenges with bold, ethical answer. Your friendship invariably means that our students are ever empowered with an abundance of opportunities to actualize their dreams and potential, to work towards a better and kinder society, and to impact positive change that can serve our community in Vietnam and beyond.

On May 6, 2023, Career Day was successfully held at Fulbright University Vietnam campus. This event provided an opportunity for students to connect with companies and organizations. In turn, the recruiters can meet potential candidates through Career Fair and Mock Interviews. From an educational perspective, early exposure to a professional work environment not only helps students gain a better understanding of the realities but also enables them to build relationships for their future careers.

This year, Fulbright proudly welcomed over 45 partners from various renowned companies, corporations, and organizations nationwide, such as PwC, Guardian, Schindler, Jardine Matheson, Tasco, Unilever, Shopee, and more. Additionally, students had the chance to interact and gather information about the job market, career trends, and diverse internship opportunities at the recruitment booths of diverse potential employers.

As a soon-to-be graduate student, the Career Day is not only a chance to learn about companies as in previous years, but also a chance to connect with future recruiters. Therefore, I spent quite a lot of time talking to company representatives and discussing topics related to career orientation,” shared Hoang Mai Linh, Class of 2023.

The Present of Work

The event also included a panel discussion on the theme “Must-have Transferable Skills to Succeed in the Present of Work” featuring Mr. Nhã Nguyễn – Vietnam Country Director at Christina Noble’s Children Foundation, Mr. Đức Đinh – Investment Manager at Phoenix Holdings and Amy Trần – an Economics majored student at Fulbright.

Coming from three different generations, three different educational and professional backgrounds, the panelists reflected on their journeys and shared valuable advices regarding the necessary skills in the modern work environment.

Mr. Nha Nguyen: “I believe the most important thing in life is happiness. And I hope that we can all utilize the grades, the skills, the number of Facebook followers, the activities, with the mindset that happiness is the goal, and also the journey.”

Anh Nhã Nguyễn – Giám đốc Quốc gia, Christina Noble’s Children Foundation tại Việt Nam

“I value mindset the most. Skills can be obtained if you put efforts into it, but it is the mindset that makes you want to learn and improve yourself. The world is changing, there will always be things that you don’t know, you have to be okay with not knowing something to want learning it,” Amy Tran continued.

Amy Trần – sinh viên Kinh Tế đại học Fulbright đồng thời là người làm nghệ thuật độc lập (ca sĩ, nhạc sĩ, nhà sản xuất âm nhạc)

Mr. Duc Dinh remarked: “Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Have an open mind. Welcome all the things that seem crazy, weird, and out of the ordinary as they come. As you keep doing that everyday, even if you don’t set out to learn something, you will look back at some point and realize that you have acquired many skills along the way.”

Anh Đức Đinh – Quản lý Đầu tư, Phoenix Holdings

Mock Interview & Feedback session 

Particularly, this year, Fulbright Career Day introduced a groundbreaking Mock Interview & Feedback session, featuring 20 prominent corporates and organizations. This unique opportunity enabled students to not only showcase their potential but also receive personalized feedback from industry experts. “Receiving feedback on my performance boosts my confidence when applying for positions for the first time. It also allowed me to practice and prepare for the official interview,” shared Tran Duy Vuong, Class of 2026.

“Participating in a trial interview helped me have a more specific view of the “real” interview process with a large company through specific situational questions that were relevant to my profile. As I am still a student and in the process of trying out in many diverse fields, the employer advised me to add a career objective section to my profile. This will help them see my effort in applying for the post rather than just simply “spreading CVs”, shared Tran Ngoc Phuong Nghi, Class of 2025.

“The event provided students with practical information to help them choose the major that best suited their passion and ability. As an employer and recruiter myself, I was thrilled to be able to connect with young and talented individuals who are well-prepared to enter the workforce and make a positive impact on the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this event and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to engage with driven and passionate young professionals,” Minh Ton – Sustainability Manager at Motul Asia Pacific excited.

Career Day 2023 was a success thanks to the dedicated coordination and support of Career Services, interns, volunteers, and partners. This will serve as the crucial link between liberal arts students and future employers for career advancement.

Fulbright University Vietnam is pleased to announce the “Master’s Pathway Program” in partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), a renowned public polytechnic institution in the U.S., and a leader in STEM education, research, and economic development. 

Also known as the “3+1+1 Program”, the partnership will enable qualifying Fulbright students to complete their final year of undergraduate study at NJIT, while also act as a springboard to an accelerated graduate degree taught by some of the leading professors of the NJIT’s Ying Wu College of Computing. 

Prof. Cristian Borcea, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Computer Science at NJIT, said, “Vietnam is an up and coming country for technology right now, and it stands to reason that we are accepting more students from that part of the world. The Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT is also experiencing rapid growth, and we are quite excited and proud to play an important role in assisting to develop Vietnam’s tech talent pipeline at the same time that we are continuing our own upward trajectory.”

The Master’s Pathway Program will offer Fulbright students an opportunity to experience a U.S. education in the global tech hub of the New York metro region, while also lowering the cost of international student tuition. Students can acquire the appropriate credits from the courses offered at NJIT, which will fulfill the requirements for a Fulbright Bachelor’s degree, and also double count towards a potential NJIT Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or Software Engineering.

Upon successful completion of all courses, students may then formally apply for admission to one of the three approved master’s programs at NJIT and register their nine graduate credits in anticipation of earning an M.S. in one year. 

“One of the biggest advantages will be to work on real-world Capstone and MS projects with academic and industry leaders here in a major center for technology,” said Hai Phan, Associate Professor of Data Science and NJIT’s Director of the “3+1+1 Program”.  

Prof. Nguyen Nhut Tien, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas, member of Fulbright’s Science and Training Council and co-director of Fulbright’s initiatives, stated that “the cultural exposure to the U.S. for the first time will have an invaluable impact on our students’ personal and professional development as they work to make a difference in the world around them.” 

Fulbright University Vietnam is determined to provide a growing number of institutional partners for international exchange to provide its students with exposure to diverse settings, experience with specialized faculty and programs at well-regarded institutions, and ability to expand personal and professional opportunities that come with international experiences.

About NJIT:

One of only 35 polytechnic universities in the United States, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a top-tier research university that catalyzes economic growth and prepares students to become leaders in the technology-dependent economy of the 21st century. NJIT is one of only 131 universities rated an “R1” research university by the Carnegie Classification®, which indicates the highest level of research activity. NJIT conducts more than $155 million in research activity each year and has a $2.8 billion annual economic impact on the State of New Jersey. Ranked No. 1 nationally by Forbes for the upward economic mobility of its lowest-income students, NJIT also is ranked in the top 2% of colleges and universities nationally for the mid-career earnings of graduates, according to PayScale.com. NJIT is ranked No. 39 nationally by The Princeton Review as a Best Value College and is rated third in New Jersey and among the top 100 colleges and universities nationwide by the QS World University Ranking® 2021.

In April 2023, students from Fulbright University Vietnam competed for the first time in two popular academic arenas across the country: the 29th National Mathematical Olympiad and the 11th National Chemistry Olympiad for Students. 

Four students from the Math team (Nguyễn Công Thành, Nguyễn Hoàng Ngọc Hà, Nguyễn Hoàng Nhật Tân – Class of 2025, and Quách Thị Xuân Trang – Class of 2023) and four from the Chemistry team (Lê Thảo Tường Vy – Class of 2024, Hồ Bảo Trân, Lê Thị Hồng Hà, and Bùi Trần Vân Anh – Class of 2025) earned valuable lessons from their daring Olympiad journey. 

For the Chemistry team, it was the students who initiated participation with the hope of exposing themselves to an academic environment outside of Fulbright. Dr. Nguyễn Thị Trang, a faculty member in Integrated Sciences, assisted the students upon their request to prepare for the exams. They conducted their own thorough research and created a detailed study timeline for both the theoretical and practical modules. Bùi Trần Vân Anh of the Chemistry team shared: 

“We emailed Dr. Trang after making a group of five. Since the competition content and format were unfamiliar to us, we just wanted to challenge ourselves. Even though we didn’t earn any big achievements, I’m still very proud of myself and grateful for our valuable lessons with Dr. Trang.” 

The faculty were amazing in helping their students prepare for the national Olympiad exams. They provided so much support and helped select four of the best students to represent each team. It’s noteworthy that everything was completed in just three months for Fulbright’s first-ever national showcase. 

Quách Thị Xuân Trang, a senior majoring in Literature and minoring in Mathematics, was one of the Math team members. As an English enthusiast in high school and a Literature devotee now, Trang had never considered joining a Math competition. Surprisingly, she discovered a great passion for the subject after taking some courses at Fulbright. 

“Studying for a Math competition as a Literature student, I usually felt out of place. Since most other participants are STEM and Computer Science majors, I used to think of myself as an underdog ‘fighting against the strong.’ However, I gained confidence after taking knowledge as my motivation without giving in to peer pressure.” 

When Trang was worried that her inadequacy might affect the team, her teammates and teachers showed incredible support and inclusion that cheered her up. During the exam, good interpreter skills from studying Literature helped Trang correctly understand unfamiliar terms in the question. 

Currently, Trang is finalizing her capstone project on Quantum fiction – a literary genre associated with Physics’ Quantum Mechanics. Specifically, she focuses on this new genre’s distinctive features and how Quantum Physics is integrated into them. 

Fulbright University Vietnam landed one First prize, two Second prizes, and one Third prize in Mathematics and one Third prize and two Fourth prizes in Chemistry for its first time competing in the Olympiads. Embracing the liberal arts philosophy, the University advocates for students to step out of their comfort zone and apply interdisciplinary knowledge to seek self-exposure and development opportunities. In the congratulatory ceremony for the participating students on May 5, Dr. Trang expressed her joy: “I am super delighted and proud to accompany my students on their self-exploration journey!” 

Minh Tâm – Phương Mai

Two big fashion brands have collaborated with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at Fulbright University Vietnam to implement the first batch of the Industry Lab program.

Industry Lab is one of many activities initiated by CEI with the aim of building a strong connection between Fulbright and corporations, companies, and businesses in different fields and industries in Vietnam. The program not only provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience, develop their skills and career prospects based on the “learning by experience” spirit at Fulbright, but also brings new ideas, solutions, and initiatives proposed by Fulbright students to help businesses creatively and effectively address their challenges.

Representatives of Fulbright and May10 at the lauching event of the Industry Lab program

With a focus on the fashion and textile industry in Vietnam, the first batch of Industry Lab has attracted not only second and third-year students pursuing diverse majors at Fulbright such as Economics, Computer Science, History, Psychology, and Applied Mathematics, but also first-year students ever curious and willing to try their hands at opportunities and gain experience outside the classroom. In addition, Industry Lab also welcomes students from other universities. Two students from the Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi also participated in this program.

Students participating in Industry Lab with representatives from Uniqlo

Along with the opportunity to meet and work directly with leaders and managers representing May10 and Uniqlo, students participating in the first batch of Industry Lab also received dedicated support, training, mentoring and guidance from four experts:

– Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, author of the book “Innovation and Creativity Entrepreneurship – Thinking and Tools” (2017). In 2018, she was selected by the US Department of State as one of 16 female leaders from 13 countries around the world to participate in The Fortune – US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership program.

– Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong, CEO of C+P Asia Consulting Company with 10 years of experience in marketing for local and international brands such as Biti’s, Samsung Vina, Suntory PepsiCo.

– Mr. Vu Quan Nguyen Masse, ASEAN Deputy General Director of Culture and Branding at Vero, with 16 years of experience in fashion and marketing industries working with Cartier International, Runway Vietnam, Nire Ups.

– Ms. Phan Hoang Lan, Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Fulbright and one of the main authors of the National Project to support the innovative and creative entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam by 2025.

Mr. Vu Quan Nguyen Masse (first row, fourth from right) with Fulbright students

Thanks to these experts, students were equipped with specialized knowledge about branding and marketing in the fashion industry, as well as practical tools to help them dig deeper and thoroughly analyze the market, conduct field research and customer surveys, come up with solutions and test them to see whether they can effectively solve the business challenges briefed and proposed by Uniqlo and May10.

Despite not majoring in Marketing or Fashion, students from various fields of study have acquired, mastered, and smartly applied innovative thinking methods when participating in the Industry Lab program. They proactively sought new interdisciplinary perspectives, willing to remove personal assumptions if the results from their research and survey reflected a different reality, thereby adjusting, continuously experimenting, and improving initiatives in a flexible manner to come up with the most suitable and viable answers to the issues at hand. This is doubtless valuable knowledge and experience that students can learn from, and employ, regardless of the field or industry they choose work in the future.

Students’ fieldtrip at May10 store

Students discussing after visiting a Uniqlo store

The 11 students participating in the program were divided into 2 groups, each responsible for the challenge of “Enhancing the customer experience when shopping and using May10’s men’s shirts,” and “Developing marketing activities to raise awareness and interest of Gen Z about sustainable fashion product lines of Uniqlo in Ho Chi Minh City”.

Students’ presentation with Uniqlo

They have worked hard together for in a short span of 3 weeks to build confident and persuasive presentations for representatives of the two brands, in which refreshing, but also innovative and pragmatic ideas were proposed and warmly received with insightful and constructive feedback by Uniqlo and May10.

With the Industry Lab program, Fulbright students have demonstrated their ability, creativity and willingness to learn, to listen and innovate together with businesses outside the classroom. But above all, theirs are ideas that stem from a spirit of youthful enthusiasm, from their open hearts for innovativeness, and the desire to contribute to society and transform their community through impactful projects and innitatives.

Within the scope of Sports Week 2023, Fulbright University Vietnam hosts the Fulbright Coed Tournament 2023 – the first multi-sports coed tournament in Ho Chi Minh City. A great number of universities participate in the tournament, including Canadian International School, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Hong Bang International University, HUTECH University of Technology, RMIT University Vietnam, Swinburne Vietnam, Ton Duc Thang University, International School of Business, Vietnamese-German University, and Western Sydney University.

From April 16 to 22, exciting matches in seven sports including badminton, basketball, soccer, running, tennis, discus, and volleyball are taking place at the local stadiums and cultural center at full blast. The tournament highlights the role of sports and different kinds of physical activity in education. Moreover, it creates a supportive playground for the youth to improve their well-being while promoting gender equity in sport and education.

The coed tournament has already captured many hearts with its ongoing matches in which sportsmanship shines bright through various exciting moments, thus, encouraging the power of sport among the youth adults.

Give it up to all the competing teams and participants!

On April 10, 2023, Fulbright’s members had joined an cozy dinner with the delegation of the US Congress, led by Senator Jeff Merkley. Throughout the evening, the delegation attentively learned about the students’ experience at Fulbright University Vietnam, as well as shared their own expertise and stories. 

Joining this CODEL dinner were Senator Chris Van Hollen, Representative Lloyd Doggett, Representative Pramila Jayapal, Representative Ilhan Omar, and senior advisors. From Fulbright University Vietnam, we had representatives who have been involved with the educational and cultural exchange programs of the US Department of State, such as the Global UGRAD scholarship program and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI).

Le Ngoc Ky Duyen (Fulbright’s Class of 2023) was part of the YSEALI Academic Fellowship 2021’s cohort, during which she spent a month of exchange experience at the University of Texas – Austin, which is coincidentally also a place that Rep. Llyod Doggett earned his JD. Sharing that connection, Duyen and Rep. Doggett quickly dived into an insightful conversation. 

The delegation was keen to learn more about higher education in Vietnam and the students’ access to quality materials for their academic pursuits. Sharing with Rep. Doggett and his wife Libby Doggett, Ky Duyen and Cam Hoa (Class of 2023) said that the courses at Fulbright have helped them cultivate critical thinking skills and to have an open mind to see things via diverse perspectives, and most importantly to then form their own opinions with sound reasonings.

Another coincidence is that Dr. Libby Doggett also works in special education and early-childhood education, which is very much relevant to Ky Duyen’s major and career path. The two were very enthusiastic about exchanging knowledge and their own experiences in the field. Dr. Doggett was very impressed when she learned that Ky Duyen and a group of Fulbright students have been pioneering a social enterprise named EM-IN with the mission to improve the social-emotional capacity of children across Vietnam.

Reflecting back on the evening, Le Kha (Class of 2023) expressed that they feel very appreciative and appreciated. In addition to the inspiring works that each member of the delegation leads, Kha also admires the dedication and enthusiasm in each interaction with the delegation and their families. By the end of the night, handshakes and warm hugs were exchanged, as well as promises to keep in touch and optimism for a bright future ahead.

Since 2021, the Fulbright Leadership Camp has been a much-awaited program for undergraduate students who are interested in solving social issues and creating positive change.

This year, Leadership Camp 2023 took place in Mui Ne from March 30 to April 1. Fifty-two highly motivated, intellectually curious campers were selected out of more than 100 applicants who are student club executives and student leaders of Fulbright community. The challenge prompt for them was “How can you build a greener Fulbright?”.

Through hands-on training and group activities, participants fostered vital skills. They learned about different leadership styles and their own individual ones, which allowed them to communicate better, assess others’ needs, and forge productive relationships.

By developing and proposing community projects, they were one step closer to creating positive impacts on the society. Chosen by the judging panel, the best project was Calmpybara which aimed to promote a greener atmosphere on the campus by inspiring students to grow and take care of plants. Together with the two runner-ups Hearth and Bo Xì as well as the second runner-up We Bare Black, the winning team members will be funded up to 1,000 USD to realize their projects.

Furthermore, the Best Performance award was given to team Xanh Sao for their most voted performance on Gala Night. With outstanding performance and great unity displayed among members throughout the camp, team Bo Xì won the Best Teamwork Award.

With carefully designed training modules during the two consecutive days, Leadership Camp 2023 has captured many hearts and minds of campers. Hồng Hà Giang (Class of 2025) praised that the program was a great opportunity for introverts to extend their network. It also encourages creativity and innovation by providing participants with challenges that have tight deadlines yet enable a positive, supportive and inspiring platform for us to learn and grow,” continued Giang.

Nguyễn Bảo Khang (Class of 2026) agreed. “This is my first time attending Leadership Camp, and I’m having a great time. I like how camp activities require a lot of teamwork because it allows us to get closer to each other, help each other, and thrive as a team. One of my most unforgettable moments was when we stood on stage and performed together. I also learned about the essence of active listening to others.




Giving Week is a beloved tradition of Fulbright University Vietnam, organized annually in the month of May. It’s the time of year where members of our community and friends of the university can get together, learn more about each other, and show appreciation for all the dedicated support we have received in our journey with Fulbright. 

One of the highlights of Giving Week is the Fulbright Fun Run, where runners can also donate and raise funds that will give wings to our students’ dreams and pursuits towards a better and kinder society. This financial resource will enable our budding change-makers (both undergraduates and graduates) to go after personal and professional development opportunities, as well as to carry out social projects that can serve their community in Vietnam and beyond. 

This year, the Fulbright Fun Run will take place on Saturday, May 13th. The event offers free admission for participants of all ages to a 5km run around the Crescent Phu My Hung area that starts at 6:45 am.   

Within the same day, as per tradition, the Fun Run will be followed with a series of exciting activities organized by Fulbright students for runners: 

1. Mini-Concert, featuring performances by our very own home-grown musicians at Fulbright.

2. Giving Fair, where students demonstrate their capacity for innovation and creativity through a diverse set of community-engaged activities.

3. Art Exhibition, featuring students’ original artworks which will be available for a silent auction to fundraise for students’ visual art organizations at Fulbright.  

4. Impact Project Showcase: a live exhibition of the positive impact that Fulbright University Vietnam has contributed over 30 years to the development of Vietnam through rigorous research, constructive policy dialogues, and capacity building at both graduate and undergraduate levels. 

Through these students’ activities, participants of the Fulbright Fun Run 2023 will have a chance to explore and gain a deeper understanding of Fulbright – Vietnam’s first not-for-profit, independent, liberal arts university.

The event will also provide the opportunity for everyone to join hands in creating yet another fantastic year at Fulbright, where new generations of leaders and ambitious thinkers of diverse origin are continually inspired and nurtured to serve Vietnamese society and contribute to a better world. 

👉 Sign up for the Fulbright Fun Run 2023 at: https://forms.office.com/r/77FpkPhPWc 

Please help us extend our warmest invitation to your family and friends. Lace up your sneakers and join us for the Fulbright Fun Run 2023 on May 13th and help us #EmpowerFutureGenerations!

The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM) extends congratulations to the team on their victory and selection as the regional representative for the global final. The winning team consisted of two members from FSPPM, Nguyễn Minh Hiếu (MPP23) and Đặng Thị Phi Hương Giang (MPP24). 

While the competition aims for a winner, it is not the sole expectation of the participants, judges, and organizers. The primary focus is on the experiences gained by the young policymakers and their readiness for making decisions in real life. 

This year’s competition features the Forio Wildfire Simulation designed by Professor Matt Koschmann from the University of Colorado Boulder. The simulation competition teaches players communication and negotiation skills, which helps them balance their roles against their team goals to collaborate on a joint wildfire mitigation plan for the fictional town of Westmount. Each team, composed of five representatives from five different schools, will assume distinct roles with their individual interests and powers to tackle this challenge. Through negotiations and discussions, they will work towards creating a cohesive policy design, addressing concerns, and mitigating the stakeholders’ interests.

According to Ms. Stacy Drudy, a representative from the NASPAA, this year the competition had 300 contestants from more than 100 universities around the world, divided into 60 teams. This year, NASPAA offers limited travel grants for participants. It’s their commitment to offering inclusive opportunities for public policy students from different backgrounds to access simulation learning experiences. 

Associate Professor Dr. Phạm Duy Nghĩa, representative of FSPPM, emphasized the significance of the competition, stating, “The role-playing activities in simulation sessions involve multiple perspectives and opinions that can influence the decision-making process. Policymakers must persist in their decision-making, improvise skillfully while adhering to their principles. As a School that has incorporated “simulation” into the curriculum for several years, FSPPM encourages students to participate in such competitions to enhance their learning and practical experience beyond the classroom. Furthermore, this year, as the venue for the competition, FSPPM is contributing to the establishment of a simulation playground for young people and popularizing this effective learning method.”

Explore some of the exciting moments from the competition held at FSPPM, and take a look at the judges’ and contestants’ perspectives in the photos below!

Minh Hiếu (MPP23), menber of the winning team, shared “The process of discussion and negotiation of the group encountered many difficulties. Although there were many arguments, all agreed to set aside all differences to come to a consensus in the final round. I think my team’s victory came from this factor. My team’s final recommendation, although it may not satisfy all of the requirements, incorporates the most important opinions thanks to the negotiation process of the members.”

“Participating in simulation competitions like this can equip public policy students with necessary skills to handle real-life situations effectively. As the future leaders of both the public and private sectors, it is crucial for them to possess not only the ability to analyze data but also to negotiate with various stakeholders. This approach guarantees that policies are not imposed solely from the top-down but rather cater to the requirements of multiple parties, maximizing resource utilization for optimal response solutions,” Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Senior Climate Change Advisor at Oxfam International, Competition Judge.

“Young policymakers can learn how to blend tradition and modernity through participating in competitions like this. The traditional aspect involves studying documents, communicating, and negotiating with multiple stakeholders, while the modern aspect entails utilizing data visualization tools like fire maps, wind flow charts, etc. These tools make data more accessible than ever before,” Ms. Đỗ Vân Nguyệt, Founder of Center for Live and Learn for Environment and Community, Competition Judge.

“This is my first time participating in a simulation contest, so I’m overwhelmed by the pressure of time and the constant debates. But thanks to that, I really learned a lot and quickly in just a day of working with other contestants,” Xinyi Wang, representative from Zhejiang University.

“I felt ‘anxious’ and ‘challenged’ in a positive sense. At first, our team struggled to communicate with each other effectively, but we soon adapted and made decisions that took everyone’s preferences into account. Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity!,” Harveen Ang, graduate student in Policy Development, KDI School of Management and Public Policy, Korea.


NASPAA is an international accrediting body for Policy and Management Schools. There are only 183 accredited schools in the US and just 8 internationally. On July 26th, The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management received accreditation from NASPAA, becoming the first accredited public policy school in Southeast Asia.